Something I recently started incorporating, (by recent, I mean in the last 100-200 campaigns), is not bothering with spending a lot of time finding all the targeted interests under the sun for my shirt but instead, just enough targeted interests to give me a good sized test audience. Watch video below,


You see, I’m all about efficiency. The more efficient I make my process, the more I can focus on building my business.

About 1 out of 10-15 of my campaigns will give me a good enough ROI to focus on. That means that 9-14 campaigns will flop. Ideally, I want to spend the LEAST amount of time figuring this out. This is where this technique comes in.

I’ll list just enough targeted interests to give me an audience, (potential reach), of about 20k. By the time my test budget of $10-$20 has been used, I’ll either continue with the campaign or stop it.

If I decide to stop it, then at least I didn’t spend 3-5 minutes trying to find all related targeted interests, saving me a total of an hourish.

If I decide to continue however, then and ONLY then, will I start to go through a lot more targeted interests. Once these targeted interests start to become saturated, I go a little broader and see if I can still maintain sales. The more social proof you get, the easier it is to sell your shirts.

Social proof can be the buy counter or even the likes/shares on the page post/Teespring campaign. Once my campaign has thousands of likes and comments then I can try really broad interests but right at the start you want to go MOST TARGETED first.

The idea is, if these guys, (biggest fans of the niche), don’t buy, no one else will.

Anyway, I’ve used this extensively as it’s saved me a LOT of time and allows me to pace my targeting to suit my business.


– Mateen


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Written by Mateen