REVENUE: $15,046.43

COST: $10,048.80

P/L: + $4,997.63



November Monthly Stats

(I accidentally typed $30.68 instead of $301.68 on 11/20/14 in the cost section. This has been fixed now)

Woohoo, almost 5k!

Milking a Profitable Campaign

During the end of October I stumbled upon a fairly profitable TS campaign with a massive audience, (over 5Mill). I love when this happens because I know I’m going to make a lot of money. I usually cap my budget at about $150 and let the campaign continue till I saturate my demographic but I’ve been recently wondering if this is the correct way to do things when I can just increase the budget to 3-$500 and just milk it dry as soon as I can.

This campaign was launched 3 times and gave me around 550 sales all up. I was doing great until Teespring conducted an internal review and decided to stop allowing me from running the campaign. They had been contacted a few times by the company the shirt alludes to so to be on the safe side, they decided to take down my campaign. I still got paid out though so all was good but I’m sure I would have been able to sell another 500. Oh well, you take what you get and move on.

Hitting Another Big Campaign

I found another campaign that has even BIGGER potential. It doesn’t have the same ROI, but has an audience of over 10 million! This one’s a general hobby so there is no risk of Teespring taking it down. I’ve decided to increase the budget slowly as high as I possibly can maintaining a good ROI. Currently I have it at $200/day and it’s making 20-25 sales at $15 commission each. I’m happy with that. I’m going to try go big with this and get it to around 1500 sales all up. Let’s see how I go!

Teespring Promo Feature

Recently Teespring released a promotional feature that allows you to add a link extension discounting your product to whatever discount price you want. I’ve really been able to experiment with it this month and must say, it’s AWESOME!

The hardest part of running a TS campaign, is getting it off it’s feet. Once your rolling and you have about 10 sales on your campaign, more sales start to come by easier as there’s now more trust in the product when people see ’10 products ordered’.

Pretty much 1 of every 3 campaigns I set up will make at least one sale which is mainly due to the discount link I put in the description. Say something like, ‘first 10 orders get $4 off’. This will get people buying initially and you can simply remove the link once the orders reach 10.

Anyway, if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. I do it for EVERY campaign and so should you.

The ‘You Only Need One Win’ Theory

Above I mentioned 2 campaigns I’ve found that should be able to net me 10-12k profit alone. One thing most people don’t realize, unless you’re in the business yourself, is that I’ve launched about 100 campaigns+ trying to find these.

I’m not exaggerating. Some of these campaigns will break even, some will be profitable but short lived, some will be total duds luring me in with good CTRs so I spend about $30-$40 before I give up on it. Some however, will be massive winners.

If you do the math, say about 70 of those campaigns were total losers. For these, I didn’t make a single dollar back. I usually spend about $20 for testing before I stop something so all up, I’ve spent around $2100. Even if I find ONE really good campaign that gets me 2-300 sales, I’ll make my money back and then some.

This has been my mindset throughout this whole year. I’ll do 15 campaigns in a day and find out they all fail. I’ve spent $300 on testing them all in total. Do I get sad and become more conservative with my money? Nope, this is how it is. I keep going and repeat the same thing the next day, and the next day, and the next….

This business has shown me time and time again, from mine AND other peoples experience that you just need one campaign to change everything around. Whether it be Teespring or anything else, out of the 100s of failures you’re going to go through, just remember, all you need is one success to turn things completely around.

Switching to a MacBook Pro Retina

I’ve had an Acer for the last 2 years. It’s pretty good but the battery drains so quick, I can hardly take it anywhere. I’ve been meaning to get a new laptop for a while now and this month I decided to just go get one.

I did some research and decided to give the MacBook Pro a go. I took a friend of mine to the shops and as we looked around, the salesman bought my attention to the Surface Pro 3.


So, confirming that I had 2 weeks to return it if I didn’t like it, I thought I’d give it a shot! I bought it and spent the next day trying to get used to my daily computer tasks. The touchscreen functionality was starting to get pretty useful. There were a lot of other problems though.

1. Screen Way Too Small: At 12 inches, this screen was tiny! I found myself squinting a lot especially when playing around with my spreadsheets.

2. Can’t Use It On my Lap: The whole point of a ‘laptop’ is to be able to use it anywhere. As I’m typing this, I’m sitting on my bed leaning against the wall with the laptop on my lap. This simple task was so hard to do with the Surface Pro. You have to balance the back stand on your legs and if you move a bit it’ll topple over to the side.

Anyway, I decided to give it back and go with my initial choice – The MacBook Pro Retina Display.


I bought a 13 inch for about $1400. It took me a while to get used to the touch pad but I LOVE it! It’s so smoother, battery lasts a good while and I can use it anywhere.

It’s made me pretty efficient with my work which is the main thing. Even if I’m saving 20-30 minutes a day with this laptop, that equates to about 100 hours a year! Well worth the investment.

Starting to Become Very ‘Custom Product’ Focused

Usually people that get into affiliate marketing start promoting CPA offers. I did the same till I stumbled upon Teespring. Since TS was working well for me I continued with it this whole year which has allowed me to keep connected to this fairly new industry of affiliate marketing.

Since Teespring has been successful, we’ve seen the emergence of a lot of other competitors, each offering something the other doesn’t. As I explored all these and spent 3-4 figures testing things, a lot showed promise. As these new companies start popping up here and there, they’ve started to show me the potential of turning this into a long term business. With some companies allowing you to have your own hosted store with 100’s of customizable products, there’s still a LOT of money to be made here and it will be the case for a long time. I’m going to focus on long term projects that allow me to run this like a real business.

I’ve let the industry guide me since day one and so far it seems like I’m becoming more and more custom product focused which allows me to have my own virtual business and sell products that would give me almost the same profit margins as if I did the whole back end myself. It’s pretty cool if you think about it.

A real business is one that you are able to build upon. One that you can grow an email list of, upsell to, keep connected to, all which Teespring doesn’t really allow you to do, (yet).

I’m hoping to do a lot more with this sort of stuff next year, probably with other companies so stay tuned!

Part of AffPlaybook Faculty

I’ve been with AffPlaybook forums since I started. A lot of my successes here are based on what I learn there. Recently David asked me to be part of the AffPlaybook Faculty. I was honored and said yes straight away!

There’s a good number of us there, all pretty much full-time and making good money. One of the members just made $250K in 28 Days, selling Hoodies/Tshirts in November. All selling Christmas Jumpers. It’s awesome to be part of a group that have so much to offer and make money in all kinds of ways online.

I’m definitely looking forward to staying with the community and being part of their successes. Knowledge is a big part of the game, one that will separate you from being a 3 figure affiliate to a 6 figure affiliate.

Blog Income Nearing 2k

Along with my Teespring endeavors, my blog has been showing me some GREAT promise this last 6 months. This month I was pretty close to 2k and should be able to hit that next month. It’s awesome side money and is slowly starting to overtake my Teespring business. Along with Teespring, I’ve earned about 7k this month. Almost double my engineering salary!

This is the sort of income I love because all the value I put in it will continue to be there and won’t disappear once the ‘campaign ends’.

Again, I have big plans for the blog and hope to make it an awesome place for all kinds of affiliates so stay tuned!

Ending Remarks

With November gone, we have 1 more month before the end of the year. It’s been a CRAZY year for me and a massive learning experience. I can’t wait to do my December blog post, there’s a lot I’d like to talk about.

As usual, I hope you guys are killing it with whatever you’re doing! Just keep pushing, stay motivated and remember

It Just Takes ONE Win to Turn Everything Around

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen