In the first month of 2014 I had set a goal of hitting 150k Profit for that year. Coming from someone who made barely 2-3k in 2013 and had little to no idea about affiliate marketing this seemed quite difficult to do. Did I reach it? Well, Kind of.

Revenue: $314,027.46
Cost: $170,571.46


$143,455.96 USD
$150,628.76 AUD

So pretty much 150k Exact in Aus dollars which is quite a lot of money!

This didn’t come easy. A lot of grinding and sacrifice went into it but it happened and I am grateful. My progress for the whole year has been recorded in my monthly reports so make sure you go through each one of them.

The Year 2013

In 2013, After spending 4-6 months of 8-12 hour days hammering away at this business, things were starting to make sense. My rate of learning was increasing enormously and I just knew that if I kept this up it was just a matter of time till I started seeing some good numbers.

I may not be the brightest person but I am VERY stubborn persistent. I’ll try something 1,000 times if I have to, to get it working. I started to realize that this is the main ingredient to succeeding in this business. Being Persistent.

  • It took me a while to see my first conversion but I did eventually.
  • It took me even longer to see my first profitable day, but I did eventually.
  • It took me EVEN longer to see my first 4k+ month, (which was what I was getting when i was employed), but I did eventually.

If you were to put all that ‘I need to hit $100 profit days within a month’ expectations away then your more likely to stick to this long enough to make it work. I find myself saying this over and over again. Internet Marketing is a marathon not a race.

Start With Working Models

When I first started Affiliate Marketing, I was just throwing things at the wall and hoping they would stick. From direct linking to offers which didn’t allow it to making 2/10 quality score landing pages on Google there was a LOT I was doing wrong.

I joined Aff Playbook, read a few success stories/case studies and decided to try and replicate what seems to be working for others. Withing a month or two I hit my first profitable day, then $100 profit day, then $200 profit day, and the rest is history. I made a follow along so it’s all logged in the forum somewhere.

Moral of the story, Creativity is great but you’ll have more luck spinning off of current working systems, especially at the early stages of your career rather then trying to come up with things from complete scratch.

Always Be Doing SOMETHING

There have been many times I’ve lost motivation. Maybe because things just stop working as well or I get complacent. But I’ve always made it a point to do SOMETHING. Whether it be write a blog post here or launch a campaign. Whether it be half an hour of work or 10 hours of work. Each day I need to do something that progresses my business in some way or another.

They aim is not necessarily to make money off of every action you do but to learn something new that will further help you apply yourself better at your business. Focusing on ‘learning’ rather than ‘immediate results’ took a lot of the pressure off and kept me feeling like I was succeeding.

Sticking To One Technique Until You Make It Work

There are literally 1,000s of ways to make money in this business. From starting FB driven monetized websites to personal blogs to Teespring to PPV to Mobile List Building, the list goes on. It’s an ocean out there and you can very easily be distracted by someone else making $1,000s of dollars in something while your stuck trying to make something else work.

This is called ‘shiny object syndrome’ and it happens a LOT. You jump around from technique to technique thinking the problem is in the traffic source or niche. After taking Aff Playbook masterclasses and learning a bunch of strategies people were using to make a lot of money in, I realized that I need to stick to something longer.

I decided straight after the masterclass that I would stick to PPC till I get it to work. Although I didn’t hit anything massive, I still realized that each campaign behaved differently and I was learning more and more about the traffic source as each day passed, (whether I was making money or not). I tried 100s of products and some started to bring in a stable income.

Breaking Mental Barriers

I’m used to receiving a moderate salary at work. Nothing too flash, enough to get me by and help me save. Because of this, my goals with IM were nothing big. All I wanted to do was to equal my work salary. But why did I set this goal?

After having a monster month in March, (almost 6 figures profit), these modest goals were thrown right out the window. I started to push myself even harder as I realized the sky’s the limit here. I should be trying to hit 6 figure months not 4.

With this mentality I was able to sustain more profitable months and not feel complacent about myself when I reach a 4k month. My goals were 5 figures which I’m starting to hit more consistently now, (including my blog income).

Focus on ONE Goal

I truly believe the only reason I was able to hit my goal this year was because I had only ONE goal. 150k by the end of the year. This took precedence over everything else.

Very easily we get caught up into making a long list of things we want to achieve for the year. This is great and probably doable if you were to apply yourself 8 hours a day 365 days a year but the reality is that it doesn’t work this way. Motivation levels drop, you get distracted and most importantly, you don’t know what to focus on.

See, to achieve a goal, you need to be able to focus on it. Focusing on just one goal allows you to make the necessary decisions and sacrifices to make it happen.

I see a lot of people getting distracted by a bunch of things they want to achieve and at the end of the year either they’ve progressed very little or haven’t progressed at all.

Don’t make this mistake. Set a VERY specific goal for yourself. One that you can numerically measure. Examples,

Real Estate: Sell 25 Houses this year

– Weight Training: Lose 20 Pounds by the end of the year

– Healthy Eating: Be 90 Days free from any gluten, wheat and rice

You get the idea. Examples of BAD goal setting, 

– Be successful at my business

– Lose weight

– Become Fit

– Go to the Gym

Why are the above bad? Because you can’t measure how close to achieving your goal you are throughout the year. With goals like this how do you know your progressing? How do you know how long you’ve got to go till you reach your goal?

This is why I chose 150k. Something very specific.

There’s a lot more things I can go through but I want to keep this post relatively short so I’ll end things here.


2014 was a great year for me. It allowed me to push myself, focus on my business and taught me a lot about affiliate marketing. Not so much exact techniques but moreso the mentality that goes behind someone that can hit decent numbers with Affiliate Marketing.

It’s 50% mindset and 50% processes. The initial battle with business is to get into the right mindset, the rest is to find a process that works. Each take time to discover and you need to give yourself that time and leniency to get there.

My next post will be on Goal Setting for 2015.

~ Mateen

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Written by Mateen