Last year I had set myself a personal goal of reaching 150k profit. I made 143k USD which translates to 150k AUD.

This year I’m going to set myself a goal of 150k USD again BUT I’m going to break it down to the following,

  • 25k from a NEW long term site/asset
  • 45k from Teespring/Custom Products
  • 80k from Affengineer

Why the same Goal?

2014 was a great year for me. Apart from making a lot of money I was able to learn a lot about Internet Marketing and most importantly get into the right entrepreneurial mindset.

I called 2014 the year of ‘The Grind’. Meaning my focus was to make money via anything and everything I came across. 2015, for me, is the year of ‘Stability’. I need to start making decisions that provide my business with long term security and will allow me to make money even if I decide to take 3 months off.

This year I wanted to take a more ‘long term’ approach. You see, it’s great I made all that money last year but I didn’t build anything. I have no asset, no email list, nothing I can grow apart from this blog. This is a very risky business model. In fact, it’s kind of wrong to even call it a ‘business’. A business is one that you build and grow and service. One that will keep running if you take a break. One that has a client base you can reach out to. This is why CPA offers pay a whole $2 for a valid email because they understand the value in growing an asset, (email list). My approach with Teespring gives me none of this. If I were to stop Teespring Activity for a couple of weeks my Teespring income would drop to a big fat 0$. I need to change my business model and so this year I’m going to focus on learning long term business skills instead of just making dollars.

25k From NEW Long Term Site/Asset

This is probably my main focus this year. To build a website, apart from this blog that brings in 25k. Some ideas,

  • Subscription based website
  • Social Media run custom product website
  • Anything else that comes to mind

I have a lot to research to do here but I know it can be done. Building and maintaining your own website teaches you a lot of skills. I would consider it more of a business than what I’m currently doing. My approach to the above will be documented in this blog and progress will be thoroughly covered in my income reports.

45k from Teespring/Custom Products

Teespring has become more of an addiction than a business. I can’t stop myself from continuously researching and launching campaigns. It’s exciting knowing that you could be just one design away from 10s of thousands of dollars.

This year I’m going to try force myself to back up a bit. A good Teespring focussed business requires a LOT of work. You need to be constantly launching and designing campaigns not to mention all the research and monitoring that goes on behind the scenes.

I’m a one man team with no one that works with me so I find I spend the whole day doing the above. I’m still going to make money with Teespring except it’ll be lesser of a priority than it was last year.

Also, part of this goal is also to make money though other custom product platforms. I want to build a niche site around custom products and drive traffic to it via FB/Pinterest.

80k from AffEngineer

This blog is one of the best things that ever happened to my business. It’s made me realise the reality of true passive income. With a forecasted mid 4 figures in January, it’s bringing me more money than the average wage in Australia!

I write about what I love so it hardly feels like work. It’s more of a mind dump on my journey as an affiliate. I try and be as transparent as possible without giving away my campaigns of course and it seems it’s the transparency that has made this website valuable to people.

This year I have massive plans with I don’t make tutorials about anything unless I’m making money from it. By money, I don’t mean a few bucks, I’m talking a full-time wage or better. That’s why, even though I’ve tried a bunch of different Affiliate methods, the only one I’ve made tutorials about is Teespring.

I’m going to continue with this mentality. Every time I ‘master’ something, I’ll make tutorials on the EXACT way I’ve done it. My motivation comes from all those crappy business products I see everywhere. Also, if anyone wants to learn about what I do, it’s all there. It’s also a great way to increase traffic to my blog and meet new people.

The Unknown

Who knows what I’ll come across this year. The above goals are just guidelines and focus points. They help me lock on to something and base my work habits around it.

There will always be a certain level of experimentation in my business. I love trying new things and always dedicate a set amount of time to fulfil my shiny object urges. I came across Teespring from a forum post on Aff Playbook. Who knows what I’ll come across this year.

All the best

~ Mateen

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Written by Mateen