This is not your usual Case Study but there’s a BIG takeaway from it.

One of our Teespring Forum members, raiderremo, posted a short case study on a method he used to find a successful Teespring campaign.

You can read the full thing here, but to summarize,

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He chose a niche and made a whole 10 unique designs for just that niche. After a $200 initial spend, ($20 each design), he got 3 sales. Most people would think, “wait, that’s all?”.

You see, the aim is to cast a wide net and find some signs of life, somewhere in the mix. This is called ‘split-testing’ and is a HUGE part of affiliate marketing.

After doing a bit more fiddling here and there and removing all the tees that were making little to no sales, he was left with 1 profitable Teespring campaign. Once you find a consistently profitable campaign all you do know is increase the budget and maintain ROI as high as you can. At the end of it all, he was left with a $350 PROFIT day on day 5 from that one tee. I’m sure the campaign continued for at least a week giving 1-2k profit.

Now the initial $200 ‘loss’ doesn’t seem so bad does it? This is the right mindset to have.

It’s similar to what I do. I cast a wide net, at times launching 10-15 campaigns and hope I see something pick up. If a specific type of shirt does well, I’ll broaden it to another 5-10 variations of that design and I’ll see what happens.

Almost every affiliate split-tests like this. I know people that will drop $10,000 on testing a bunch of different aspects of a specific affiliate campaign. They’ll test rotating combinations of traffic sources, offer/product, targets, etc and after all that spend, they’ll analyze it all to see which combinations work best and see if they can turn this into a profitable campaign. I know $10,000 is a lot but you’re basically buying data. You’re buying information and leads/signs to see WHERE that golden nugget is. Once you find it, you’ll recoup your costs, often 10 fold.

There have been many instances I’ve gone a whole 20-30 campaigns without anything, often spending $1,000 just testing. In fact I’m going through this right now. I’ve launched at least 30-40 campaigns and only NOW am I seeing something that may get me out of this drought.


If you want to make money with Teespring you have to learn to be comfortable losing money like this. Obviously not a whole $10k. It took me sometime to lessen my emotional attachment to losing money, but once you do, all this becomes  little easier and more of a reality.

I learned a few things from that case study so I thought I’d share.

Thanks raiderremo

~ Mateen

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Written by Mateen