In my opinion, Audience Insights is one of the MOST under utilised tool with Teespring marketers. Especially those that have just started.

You see, affiliate marketing has been around for a LONG time. Before audience insights, I can’t think of a single tool that broke down the demographic of an audience to the degree that audience insights does. Most people take it for granted.

I use it extensively. It opens up opportunities that most people don’t see. New targets, good geo/age breakdowns, etc.

The main reason I use it however, is to give me a starting point with my targeting.

The below video goes through exactly how I do that,

It’s pretty simple, targeting should NOT take you too long. FaceBook has made it very easy to get what you need so you can start advertising with them.

If I have no clue on how to target a certain niche, I’ll input the niche name into audience insights. This will give me a bunch of other pages that are related to the niche. Some of these should be more targeted. Now repeat the last step but with a MORE targeted page.

Once you have a couple of targets you can insert them into your FB advertising campaign and let FB autosuggest you more. This is what I do and I’ll show it more clearly in the next video.

For now, get used to using audience intersect. Input some interests and see what page suggestions you get back. You’ve probably never heard of most of them!


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Written by Mateen