For those that don’t know, Fabrily are another platform like Teespring.

Until recently, they were a totally different company but have now joined the Teespring group, (buyout).

They still are a separate platform however and you can still use The only reason I use it these days is if I’m trying an international campaign. One cool thing about them is they have inhouse translators who provide translating services for you!

Just email their support the text you want translated and the languages you want it translated into and they’ll get back to you with their translations.

The Countries Fabrily Translate too are, (at time of writing this article),

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Netherlands
  • Polish
  • Swedish

I’ve sold a lot of tees to the above countries, (Over 1,000), so there is DEFINITELY a market there. It’s just a matter of giving it a shot and finding something that works.


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Written by Mateen