My Approach to Teespring has always been one of quantity.

In fact my approach to ANYTHING has always been one that focuses on throwing things at the wall and refining things along the way.

I hate working on something and NOT getting feedback from the real world about whether or not it’s good or bad. That’s why I love Teespring. You make a design and straight away the world will tell you whether your idea is good or bad.

The video below goes through my mentality when it comes to launching campaigns and what it takes, in terms of effort, to make it in this business.

It might be a bit of  reality check to those that have been painted pretty pictures of half an hour a day/ six figure businesses so be warned.

My logic launching campaigns is simply,

‘The more Soldiers I have Out there, the higher my chances of winning the Battle’

In Teespring speech this translates to,

‘The more Campaigns I have out there, the more chances I have of being profitable’

Of course quality and strategy come into it to BUT only to a certain degree. Once you figure out the process required to hit $xx,xxx then it’s just a numbers game after that.

The only thing that separates the 5 figure a year affiliate to the 6 figure a year affiliate is that he launches more campaigns. That’s it. No secret techniques, just the fundamentals but a LOT of it.

See how this works for you. Try hasten your process, spend more time on your teespring business and pump out as many campaigns as you can for a month. See how you go!


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Written by Mateen