When I first started – it took 50 campaigns to FINALLY make a profit. You think that’s a lot? The last 80 campaigns of mine have been flops.

I’ve taken a big break doing other small experiments to get my mind in the right place again to start launching Teespring Campaigns.

Even though I have a whole years experience on the newbie me, there are still long periods of time where I don’t find anything that works.

I used to get flustered and frustrated with these experience. Now, it’s just part of the job. It’s normal for things not to work.

Hopefully this is more motivating than disheartening. I don’t want to scare anyone away when I tell you this stuff. I’d rather you get you in the right mindset then thinking that you’re going to hit it big with a few campaigns.

The reality of business is that there are WAY more failures than successes. I mean astronomically more. I’d say 95% of the things I try fails. By ‘fail’ I mean it doesn’t give me the results I want – or anything close to it. The small 5% or less that WORKS are game changers. They bring me good money, spread the word about my blog and are pinnacles in my affiliate marketing career.

These are what I’m searching for. These are why I put up with the 95% that doesn’t work. I’ve been 1-2k in loss, demotivated, lazy but stubborn that SOMETHING will work. Sooner or later I’ll hit something that will net that 1-2k back and an additional 5-20k in profit. It’s happened many times before.

It should be expected by now. THIS is business and it’s tough. I’d rather it this way. If business was easy then too many people would be doing it and opportunities would be even more hard to find. The fact that there’s so many hurdles in between filters out the people that don’t desire it enough.

Many newbies with Teespring will stop after a few designs/campaigns. Even after 10 launches they don’t find anything but I’m sure everyone of them would have learned a tonne about affiliate marketing or online advertising. THIS is what counts. If you keep learning at this rate, why won’t you find a profitable campaign? It’s almost impossible not to.

Think months or even a year ahead. Ask yourself, if you continue learning and implementing at this rate now where will you be in a month or a year? That’s how I used to look at it when I was starting all this and nothing was working. I was always confident that a year later I’d have made it. It just did not make sense to learn so much and not reap the fruits from it eventually.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen