When I first started ‘entrepreneuring’, I jumped from idea to idea. It was rare that I’d stick to the same thing for more than a week. I’d be MASSIVELY motivated in the first 1 or 2 days, telling everyone what I was going to do and how awesome my project was going to become but shortly after that, motivation levels would reach zero.

Why? I don’t really know. In most cases it was because another idea would take it’s place and give me that ‘buzz’ that I’d be a millionaire very soon.

Most people that find out about Teespring know its potential. They’ve probably heard stories of people making a killing with Teespring and want to emulate that success.

That is no lie. There ARE people making a lot of money on FaceBook. Although I made 6 figures so far, there are people that have made triple my amount. No joke!

BUT, and there’s a big but, the people that got to that amount of $$, worked at it HARD. They didn’t just give it a week or two, in many cases, they gave it months, or even a year. I get people constantly emailing me with the following,

‘I tried FaceBook ads but they didn’t work’

‘I made a couple of designs and made no sales’

Well of course FaceBook ads didn’t work! They’re your very first attempt at a platform people spent months to figure out and years to master. Your very first attempts at anything aren’t supposed to work. They’re meant to get you somewhat familiar to what you NEED to do to make things work. It’s your 10th or 20th attempt you should be aiming to see results with.

The moment you realise this and approach Teespring or any other business with a whole lot of patience and room for failure, you’ll be on your way to success.

Make it a point to NOT get into anything unless you’re comfortable not seeing success for the first 1-3 months. In many cases you DO see success earlier then that, but take it as a bonus and not as a given certainty.

My approach to Teespring was to make 100 campaigns. I just knew that if I did that, I’d break through. It took me 50 campaigns, (half way), to get to that point. If I had stopped after 10 and gave up, it would have been a shame.

Even now I’m learning how to do new things in the Teespring business!

This is the realities of business, it takes time. When you accept and respect that, you’ll begin to see results, if not, you may continue on your merry go round.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen