First, let me explain what I mean by this.

For a long time I always prioritised tasks I was comfortable with.

Writing eBooks, making websites, designing nice banners and making things look pretty. I’d spend endless hours on all this BEFORE I’d attempt to get any visitors/customers.

This seems to be the trend with everyone, not just me. Why? Well, it’s scary getting real feedback on your product and putting it to the test. Learning that this website/ebook/product you’ve put your heart and soul in for countless weeks didn’t give a single sale is a scary thing to think about and so most people delay it as much as they can.

Over time, I realised that I’ve been doing everything in reverse.

You see, whether or not you’ve got your product ready, you’ll still be able to get customers or at the very least understand how interested your potential customers are.

How? Run a marketing campaign. Every time I’m about to make an eBook or dedicate myself to a certain niche with Teespring, I’ll run a test. I’ll run traffic to the product and see how they respond. Depending on the level of interest, I’ll either continue or ditch the idea then and there.

For example,

Say I’m making a Kindle Book for People that want to be internet entrepreneurs. Instead of spending the next 2 weeks writing out this eBook, I’ll head over to Photoshop, make a quick cover for the book and advertise it on FaceBook as a ‘competition’, directing people to a landing page where they can opt-in and potentially ‘win’ the eBook once the competition is over and the winner is announce. I’ll leave 10 days for this whole competition to end which means I have 10 days to work on AND finish this ebook, if this test is successful.

If after a $30 spend, I get 5 opt-ins, obviously, there’s very little interest.


If after a $30 spend, I get 200 people opting into the competition, then it makes logical sense that this eBook will sell very well once done!

I can choose to continue the competition and gather a list of 1,000 people for $150 and then email out the link to the finished ebook to everyone else who didn’t win OR I can end it and just make the eBook and try bring in traffic another way.

This is also why Teespring was GREAT to drill this idea in. You work on a product and immediately start advertising. Depending on the feedback, you continue or restart the process. Very quickly, through repetition of this process over and over and over again, you’ll learn a LOT about people and their buying habits. What works, what doesn’t etc.

You’ll knock years off your learning curve this way. If you priorities doing all the hard/scary activities first, then you’ll know you’re working on a successful product before you even work on it. You NEVER want to be in the position where you’ve worked for months/years on something and haven’t put it to the test yet. It CAN work, but that’s not how good business is done.

Good business is finding customers before the product is made. Getting interest/feedback before launch and gathering a list of highly interested people before you finish your product.

Writing a 200 page eBook or setting up a blog with 50 blog posts is the easy part. Getting traffic and sales is where everyone gets stuck and that’s a place many newbies find themselves in.

Remember, do the SCARY stuff first. They’re the tasks you’ll learn a lot from. You should be doing something that intimidates you almost every day. That’s how we grow as people as we conquer that fear/task and become more confident in our business approach.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen