I’ve spent over 150k on FaceBook and launched almost 2,000 Teespring campaigns. I thought I’d quickly list 10 beginner FaceBook tips for anyone that wants to start advertising with the platform.

FaceBook Page Reach

Most People don’t know this but not ALL their Page fans are friends are reached when they make a Page/Profile post.

For example, If I were to post something out to my 15k Fan FaceBook page, only a small amount of those people will actually see it. In my experience is less than 10%.

FaceBook does this so people don’t get flooded with newsfeed posts from ALL their friends and ALL the pages their connected to. Some people are connected to 100s of these if not 1000s so you can imagine how spammy it would become if everyones Posts would reach all fans/friends.

They also do it to get marketers to spend more money on their platform. Surprise surprise.

The conclusion of all this is to not rely on your FaceBook pages to drive traffic. Don’t be under the false assumption of thinking you have 5,000 fans who will ALL see your FaceBook posts. Only email lists seem to still have the capability of delivering to all participants.

FaceBook is good to advertise and spend money on but growing a FaceBook page to drive traffic is definitely not as effective as it used to be.

How FaceBook Interest Targeting Works

FaceBook allows you to select people who are connected to certain ‘interests’ to target to. For example, if people have liked the page, ‘I love dogs’, then you’ll probably be targeting these people when selecting ‘dogs’ as an interest.

Now, if you select multiple interest. Example, ‘planes, cars, trucks, boats, then your ads will reach people connected to ALL these interests.

When I first started with FaceBook Marketing, I used to think my ads would reach people intersecting with these interest. I used to think I was targeting people connected to Planes AND Cars AND Trucks AND boats. Not ‘or’. There’s a big difference in both of these.

If I want to target people who like Michael Jackson and drive a Mercedes, I can’t. Because again, it’s a ‘or’ function not an ‘and’. The only way I’ve been able to do this was to use the ‘audience intersect’ plug in you can download. Just google it.

Definitely something to know when using the platform.

Audience Insights is a Must Use Tool

Audience Insights is heavily under-utilised. It’s a tool that uncovers the depths of FaceBook data and makes it available to any FaceBook marketer that wants to know.

You can gain data on the age/geo location/gender ranges of any interest you want. VERY powerful when doing some basic demographic research. Best of all, it’s free!

Simply type the interest and go through the tabs to learn about their behaviours and FaceBook connections. Eg, if I type in chihuahuas, I’ll get insight into what other FaceBook pages their connected to.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.16.55 am


Great for finding some angles on targeting people!

Testing with an Adequate Test Budget

Almost EVERY FaceBook marketer I get contacting me, will have spent a few bucks on their campaign, and will be asking for advice on what to do.

A few bucks is not enough to learn anything about your Campaign behaviour. People spend $1’000s to test a simple CPA product, how do you think you’ll learn anything after spending $5?

In this industry you’re trading cash for data. There’s no other way to go about it. The more you want to learn about your demographic, the more you’ll have to spend. The more you know about your demographic, the more success you’ll have with your campaign.

I would suggest spending at least $20 – $30 before you evaluate the data you get back. I know this is a bit much for some people but this is business. In business you HAVE to spend real money to make real money. It’s just the way it works.

Have a Clear Image/Message

FaceBook is a visual platform. To catch someones attention when they scroll down their newsfeed, you need to be able to visually capture them for that spit second and stop them from continuing to scroll.

This is where the Ad Image comes into play. Most, if not all of my FaceBook adverts are really just page boosts of my page updates. I’ll have some short text and a big image like the below,

Note – This is NOT my campaign

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.30.10 am

It’s big, and straight to the point. Not too many things going on. A simple picture of the merchandise for sale with a text at the bottom to tell you where to buy it from. $10 Off to create a slight urgency and a red border to get peoples initial attention.

I’ve seen ads with way too much detail and customers just don’t know what’s being advertised. Save the text for when they go to your destination. The only purpose of your FaceBook Ads is to get them to click to your lander so keep it simple.

That’s it for now. I’ll make another ‘FaceBook tips for Beginners’ post later with the below points.

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FB is Great for List Building

Targeted Interests

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– Mateen


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