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I could probably post an article everyday about FaceBook marketing tips. There are endless small, (but important), things I’ve learned during my time spent with FaceBook advertising.

Below are another 2 tips you should be implementing in your FaceBook campaigns. I’ll post 2 more tips on Thursday.

Which Ad Types to Use

By Ad types I mean a few things. Mobile vs Desktop. Column vs Newsfeed. Optimise by clicks or Optimise by Post Page Engagement, etc. There are a bunch of things you can select/unselect when starting your FaceBook advertising campaign.

In my 12 months with Teespring, for a long time I optimised by clicks to website. This tells FaceBook to fine tune it’s advertising to people that click through to the link in my FaceBook ad. That sounds logical right? Well it worked great. Still does. But later, I found a better way to do it.

Nowadays, almost anything I advertise will be a page post. Something like the below

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.30.10 am

Again, this is NOT my campaign

In the description I’ll type something like,

**Just Released**
Click here to buy -> ‘link’
Worldwide Shipping Available

It’s simple, straight to the point. The link is there and the message is straight forward. You can’t miss it.

If I’m trying to collect leads and running a competition, I’ll do the same thing as the above except the text at the bottom of the image will read, ‘Enter Competition from link in description’.

The description will read,

**Giving away this custom hoodie**
Enter Here -> ‘link’
3 winners will be drawn
Draw date: xx/xx/xx

Keeping things simple and clear have been the key for me. People have short attention spans. Think 3 seconds. You need to convey the best of your material in 3 seconds or they’ll scroll to something better.

Anyway the above is called a ‘Page Post’. It’s a post you make on your actual FaceBook page. You then go to power editor and select it as the post you’d like to advertise. Here I select to ‘optimise Page Post Engagement’. This tells FaceBook to fine tune it’s advertising to people who like, comment and share the ad. The more people that engage with the ad, the cheaper my costs will become with FB as my CTR rises.

This has given me the best results. It also allows people to visit the page any time and see the post again. With some advertising selections you can’t do this.

Turn of column advertising. Uncheck it power editor when making your ad. Hardly does it give a good return. Newsfeed advertising is where the traffic is at.

Lastly, in terms of Mobile vs Desktop, you will be surprised how big a player mobile has become. I heard this everywhere but until my data showed me Mobile activity contributing to the majority of my results, it didn’t quite click.

Now, I make sure everything is mobile optimised. People have become comfortable emailing, buying, sharing, all through mobile. The only reason I use my computer is for work and a bit of youtube/gaming.

NEVER uncheck mobile, it rarely gives you less results than desktop.

Split Testing is Key to Scaling

This relates to the above point. I can tell you what works for me and what doesn’t but you have to remember that what I promote will be different to what YOU promote.

I was promoting Clothes, others promote CPA offers. Some people direct people to an opt in page to collect leads. In order to know what works well for you, the BEST thing to do is to split test all of the above.

Spend money and see what data you get back. The more you can drill down to your data the better.

In this industry, money is spent to obtain information in the form of data.

That’s one of the most important points to digest. The more you learn, the more you profit. If you’re going into this wanting to make money straight away, your chances are slim, most likely you’ll become disheartened and quit. We don’t want that. Spend a decent amount of money on learning about your campaigns before you turn them off or keep them on.

I’ll post some more tips on Thursday. Stay tuned!

– Mateen

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Written by Mateen