Kindle Publishing caught my eye because I came across a blog post of someone making over 40k a month.

Making $xx/month doesn’t mean they make this every month. In most cases online entrepreneurs will have a few big months in the year that will bring in the bulk of their income. Especially if you’re doing something other then blogging. If you look at my monthly reports in 2014. Over 60% of my income came in just one month. I worked just as hard in the other ones but you never know when you’re going to hit gold.

Anyway, I’ve decided to give Kindle Publishing a fair shot. My advantage is I know how to market my books much better than most kindle publishers which is a huge advantage.

Any business comes down to good marketing. Just because the business idea has been taken doesn’t make it a bad business idea. If you can market it better and in a way that screams more value then your competition, you’ll overtake your competitors. It’s one of the reasons I decided to do affiliate marketing. After every one of my previous ventures ‘failed’ because I couldn’t market them or really had no clue how to, I decided to focus on affiliate marketing full-time till I can sell a decent amount of product.

I’ve sold almost a million dollars worth of merchandise with Teespring and other products so I know I can at least come up with good marketing tactics ideas for my products.

Kindle Publishing is kind of like the App Store. It’s a quantities game coupled with good marketing. You publish books, (anyone can do this), and work to try drive as much downloads as you can during the free promotion periods. Amazon will rank it in it’s top charts based on it’s download performance and consequently increase it’s visibility to more potential customers.

Amazon will bundle it with other deals, recommend it in the ‘people also bought section’ and basically throw it all around it’s platform for you based on how well it does.

I’ve decided to write about entrepreneurship. My books will be 10-15k words and on topics like business ideas, motivation, productivity, things to know before starting business, etc.

Although Teespring gave me a taste of how profitable the online industry can be it also taught me the realities of online business. Selling products and promoting offers is great but in most cases, they last about a few weeks or a month before you saturate your demographic and you’re back to finding a new product or offer.

This may be the same with Kindle publishing but at least it will be up on their store for a longer time. The idea is to get 30-50 books out there each making me a decent amount per day and expand this experience to more business opportunities.

I’ll be posting more updates here and there on the journey and incorporating a new section for it in my monthly reports. The first goal is to have a 1k+month. Let’s see how long it takes to get there.

– Mateen




Written by Mateen