This is an interesting topic and I’m sure there are a variety of opinions across the board.

I’ve mentioned it somewhere before how I’m experimenting with Instagram as a side project to see if it has any potential. It’s been about 10 days since I first started and my account has 2500 followers already!

It’s still a far cray from where I want it to be but the key here is consistency. Just continuously posting great content and implementing little marketing techniques here and there.

When I first started with Instagram I sat down for a while and brainstormed a bunch of niches I wanted to get into. I will tell you straight up I’m a newbie when it comes to Instagram BUT I do know a thing or two about profitable niches.

You can’t just start an account or blog about any niche and hope to make money. You need to look into it for a while and question whether anyone in the world will benefit from accessing the visitor base your building. If you’re making a blog or Instagram account about drawing or art, how are you going to monetise it? Are there people and companies out there that will pay for their art to be displayed? Maybe, but personally I can’t think of many. You don’t want to rely on big companies like Derwent and Fabre-Castel to sponsor your posts. That rarely happens.

What if we look at mens fashion. Are there a lot of people and companies out there that would benefit from reaching out to your audience base? YES. There are a tonne of fashion bloggers that will pay for sponsored posts. There are a tonne of watch, shoes, socks, jocks, suit, shirt, modelling companies that would benefit from that audience base.

You don’t want to just rely on big companies approaching you. There needs to be a healthy market for it. If you have a Mercedes Benz page, who would benefit from it? Mercedes Benz dealers? Maybe, but there aren’t as many Mercedes Benz dealers out there as there are mens clothing or general fashion companies.

Another good one is entrepreneurship. You can’t go wrong there. It’s probably one of the biggest, most profitable niches in Instagram. I’ll pay instagramers money to advertise my eBooks. I’d happily pay up to $200 for a post even more if I feel it’s worth it. I can assure you there are a LOT of people like me. People that want to market their blog, their books, their products, their seminars, their events, etc.

Some people make over $1,000 just for a single post on their Instagram! I don’t know how much someone like Kim Kardashian would get but it would be a LOT.

Bottom line, don’t just start an Instagram account about anything. Think for a while and do some research on competitor Instagram accounts. Are they continuously ‘shouting out’ other Instagram accounts? If so, they probably have a healthy stream of orders coming in.

Just something to think about if you ever get into this venture.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen