Here’s the bottom line.

FaceBook is reducing the number of people that see your posts, unless you start to pay.

When FaceBook first entered the scene it was awesome. You could build and grow our business solely on the platform by maintaining a free Page and regularly updating.

Over the years, FaceBook has changed drastically both for general users and business owners.

It’s become more and popular and now your posts are competing with other posts users are more likely to engage with. FaceBook is about maximising user engagement and so if it thinks posts coming from your page are less likely to be engaged with compared to posts coming from ‘Golf News’ on Tims FaceBook Page, it will show Tim posts coming from ‘Golf News’.

Remember, most people are connected to 100s of different pages and friends so if FB were to bombard each users newsfeed with updates of every connected page, people would get fairy annoyed.

For this reason, as a business owner who wants to reach his audience, FaceBook likes suck!

I used to think FaceBook likes were like email opt-ins. Either way I could communicated to my audience and regularly update them on my blog posts.

Take any popular page and note down how many people like it.

Now go to the pages most popular post and note down how many people liked it.

See a massive difference? I always do.

Sure some people may have seen it but not liked, commented or shared the post but engagement should still be a lot more.

I’ve owned pages with over 300k likes and I can tell you that the ‘reach’ or the number of people that see your post(s) compared to the amount of people that have liked your page is very small.

You’d be lucky to reach between 5-10% of your audience on a good day. At night, you’d probably reach more due to lesser competition but the takeaway from all this is to not get too caught up with FaceBook likes.

It looks nice and all, having 100s or thousands of likes but at the end of the day when it comes to distribution, it sucks.

I’d rather be databasing whether your running an online store or a blog. This way, you can reach your whole database and you own the database not FaceBook.

Some people spend $1,000s on FaceBook likes only to find out it made little to no difference to their business.

Just something to keep in mind.


Written by Mateen