Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Almost 1/3 of the way there!

It’s still too early to document any related changes but I’ll note a few that are starting to become more clear

Changes so far,

  • Hardly feel lethargic anymore
  • Have been doing much more work, it seems easier to do (slightly more focussed)
  • Way more energetic when out with friends. I hardly feel tired and am a lot more talkative. Usually I’m reserved when I’m around new people but just feeling so energetic when I’m out, even when it’s late makes me talk and socialise like crazy. I’m definitely sure it’s related.
  • Hardly feel like napping in the midday. This was routine but nowadays I just nap out of habit.
  • Early rises are becoming easier.
  • Skins a little lighter
  • Eyes more awake. Usually my eyes are pretty droopy and I can usually catch myself in the mirror looking like I just want to go back to sleep but my eyes seem much more awake and alert.
  • Dropped a bit of weight – 1 pound. I’m not doing this to lose weight infact I’m pretty fit and hardly have much fat on me but a change in diet will of course change my body.

This is what I’ve got so far.

I can definitely see changes and especially love the energy I have when I’m out. I just always feel like contributing and don’t double think myself all the time. Just say what I want and have fun.

At night time I had a wedding and had to fight through the entree and the mains. It was difficult and people thought I was weird not eating but I just ended up giving the food to anyone who wanted seconds.

I bought food in the car so walked off to it during meal time and had some juice and protein balls. As long as I’m full and not hungry, I can get through enticing food.

I ate the same as what I usually eat.

  • 750ml orange juice
  • Plate of Cut Watermelon
  • 4 protein balls
  • 1 banana/avocado/almond/strawberry smoothie

The diet’s coming along pretty well. I love keeping it simple and just being consistent.

22 more days!


Written by Mateen