One Third of the way there!

Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Wow, one third of the way there already. Time flies.

If I look back, I can point out at least 10 moments I would have broken the challenge.

I want to start my 2016 right and that means I have to start with succeeding in this challenge no matter how hard it is. If I can go 30 days of success than it will make any other 30 day challenge from this month onwards a lot easier to go through since my mind knows it can do it.

Today I had a BBQ with some friends at the beach. It feels like everyday I have to battle through something.

I made sure I filled myself up with a raw smoothie and bought some fresh fruit and juice with me. The trick is to not feel hungry when you’re out and seduced by all these yummy foods. The moment your hunger brain kicks in, it’s all over.

It’s like when you’re so full from a massive McDonalds meal that the thought of having another meal just puts you off.

Anyway, my flu from the previous day was completely gone! I couldn’t believe it. No after effects, no lingering coughing or sneezing, completely gone. I felt 100%.

Fresh fruits and veggies have tremendous healing properties and I’m not too surprised that a big jug of orange juice fixed my flu.

I felt great the whole day! Energetic, no laziness, just felt like getting up and doing something.

Although I took a nap on the way back, maybe my body was still recovering from the flu.

What I ate

  • 500ml fresh juice [Orange/apple/carrot] – 250 Calories
  • 800ml smoothie [banana/avocado/almond/strawberries/chia seeds] – 450Calories
  • 4 protein balls [almonds/walnuts/chia seeds/dates/dried apricots/cocoa powder] – 900Calories
  • cut watermelon – 400Calories

Total = 2000 Calories

I haven’t lost much weight which I was afraid of. I have to keep some muscle on for boxing and it seems although I’m taking in less protein, the fresh, organic protein from nuts and seeds and fruits are enough. I’m taking in about 60-80grams of protein per day from this diet which seems to be enough to keep me healthy.

Overall a good day.


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Written by Mateen