Sorry for being slack! I’ve been very busy with a new project I’m working on and will share the details soon.

Modified Challenge: Eat a minimum of 2,000 calories of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Still eating 2,000+ calories of raw.

Funny thing is that when I eat 2,000 calories of just raw food, there’s hardly any space in my stomach for anything else! I have non-raw food in little bites here and there, mostly because I missed it so much before but now, I can walk past a really delicious dish and not really feel the necessity to try some.

The trick is to always be full! This works wonders. Eat before your hungry and you won’t over indulge in crap food.

This has been the biggest thing that has kept me from binge eating and totally ruining my diet. As long as there’s a healthy amount of raw food in my belly, I don’t feel hungry for anything else. There’s chips, biscuits, ice creams and all sorts of little munchies around the house but I never feel like having any because I’m never hungry!

Energy Levels

My energy levels are surprisingly still the same! They’re still really high and I always feel like doing something.

I did feel like having my midday nap though but that was partly because I was waking up a little earlier than usual.

I haven’t felt cooked food effecting my energy levels that much. Maybe due to the fact that it’s like a 80/10 split with 80% raw foods. Especially on these three days.

I did have a birthday party where I had a whole plate of rice and I felt pretty sleepy after that but apart from that one time, all else was fine.

Having too much cooked definitely effects my energy levels straight away. There’s no way I can have the average cooked food portions I used to anymore especially knowing how much they’ll effect me.

I can’t believe I used to have these daily. I just feel so dead when I have them, mostly because we overwhelm our body to the point where it needs to shut us off!

Just a large plate of rice or a massive steak/schnitzel can do this. From now on, I’ll have 3-400 calories MAX of cooked food and the rest will be raw. Any more than that and it will effect my energy levels.

I’ve also noticed my hair getting a lot thicker and skin getting clearer. Weird. Because of the diet? I’m fairly confident it is.

There’s way too many nutrients in raw food to know how they will all individually effect your body but these small perks and changes are nice and every now and then I’ll notice something.

In terms of what raw foods I’ve been eating, they’re mostly the same.

  • Plate of fruits
  • Juice
  • Smoothie
  • Nut/dried fruit balls

Keeping it simple. Plenty of nutrients in those.

Oh one more thing! My eyes have gone lighter! No joke, I noticed it every time I’m snapchatting and the cameras pointed at me.

I did some research and found a bunch of people saying the same thing! Here’s a video below.

My eyes have been light brown since I can remember but they’re definitely a slight shade lighter. Again, the perks of raw food!

That’s all for now



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Written by Mateen