I still remember that first dollar I made on the internet.

I was so proud of myself I went out with my friends and paid for lunch. I think it was like $100 or something but at that point, I felt like I had made it.

It was $1.17 to be exact. Something I would not bat an eye lid over these days but back then it was like the whole world had suddenly come together and given me the result I desired so much.

About a year later, I hit my first $1,000 revenue day and a couple weeks after that, I hit over $10,000 in revenue in a single day!

The funny thing was, it didn’t feel as exciting as the first dollar I earned. I still went out on the weekend and bought myself whatever I wanted. I spent about $500 but that was it. I saved the rest. More testing money, I thought to myself.

So what made the difference in work ethic compared to the first year I was making a hundred or so a day to the day I made over $10,000?

Surprisingly, not much. I just happened to be doing the right thing at the right time. In saying that, I was working some long long hours launching campaigns like a mad man.

I was still pretty much doing the same thing.

Exploring the affiliate marketing terrain, reading success stories and articles and a very high focus on launching campaign. I didn’t care what I did in the day, as long as I launched a set number of campaigns and spent a set amount of money on testing, I felt like I accomplished more than most people.

Affiliate marketing is a big world. In this big world, we set out to find our fortune. Some of us give it an hour a day, (5 hours a week). Some of us give it 10 hours a day, (70 hours a week). If there’s a big gold nugget out there ready to be picked up by someone, who’s more likely to find it?

Let’s compare two more scenarios to make the point a little clearer.

Let’s also pretend we’re bird photographers that would get aid a million dollars if we were to spot and take a picture of a Double Headed Eagle. (Let’s pretend there’s only one of these in the world).

Scenario One,

You work 2 jobs, you have a family and you regularly go to boxing, swimming and chess classes. You don’t prioritize bird watching but you do it occasionaly just incase you get lucky. You know about the $1 million bounty. You’ve heard someone else take a picture and get it, so you want to do the same.

You’ve searched ebay for the best camera,paid $1,000 and every now and then you’ll do a round of your local park to see if you can find it. All up, you probably spend 3 hours a week doing this.

Scenario 2:

You’re not married, you have no debts and no commitments. You have one obsession in your life. To find this damn bird! It’s what you live and breathe for.

You don’t bother buying a $1,000 camera. Equipment is not as important as the result. You know that working hard is more important. Your smartphone is more than enough.

You wake up at 5am every morning, just as the sun is rising and set out to the most likely spot you think this bird is going to be in. You keep a spreadsheet of all the places you’ve visited. You’re analytical. You spend the next 14 hours till the sun comes down trying to find this bird. You eat dinner, call it a day and set out the next morning. You do this for 7 days a week. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity.

Who do you think has the best chance of finding the bird?

If you get paid $1M every time you spot it, who would spot it more frequently?

This is affiliate marketing. You’re setting out on an online quest, spending money, learning, being analytical and trying really really hard.

I was doing the above for months and finding small nuggets of gold. It was only a matter of time I found a monster campaign.

I didn’t do much of this in 2015 and thus, made a lot less than a year before.

The more you search, the more you’ll increase your chances of finding a unicorn, (or a double headed eagle). That’s the only philosophy you should go by.

I searched hard. High and low. Some days I found $1, some days, $1,000. Once in a while, $10,000. But I searched harder than 99% of people in the IM world. That’s all it came down to.

I hope you guys find your unicorns.



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Written by Mateen