Just like that, it’s the end of January which means it’s also the end of this challenge!

Modified Challenge: Eat a minimum of 2,000 calories of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

I’ve tried a variety of diets, some have worked others haven’t but the problem I’ve always faced was consistency.

I always start off strong but then after a few days I’ll crave all the things I can’t eat simply because I have it in my mind that they’re the ‘forbidden foods’ and so out of curiosity my mind would start wondering and start craving.

Being able to eat basically whatever you want is probably the weirdest diet ever but it’s the first one that’s kept me this consistent and feeling amazing.

The catch is, I’m too full on raw fruits and vegetables to indulge in heavy unhealthy eating. I can’t have a box of pizza to myself because after a piece or two I start feeling the smoothie I had just an hour ago.

The biggest trick into all this has been to keep full.

Keep full on good food. Never let yourself feel hungry. It’s only then when you’ll start wanting to eat everything in the house.

Outcomes and Effects

So now what? What did I actually achieve physically, emotionally and mentally?

  • Never feeling Tired: This is by far one of my favorites. I used to feel lethargic all the time. Usually because I’d eat heavy south asian meals which are bad for the digestive system. My mind would always want to put me to sleep so it could digest it all. I don’t feel this anymore. In fact, after a massive meal, I actually get an energy boost ready to do physical activity! This is what food is meant to do. Not make you feel sleepy.
  • Brighter eyes, skin and stronger hair: These are some physical benefits I’ve noticed. Been told by at least 3 people that my eyes and skin have become smoother and lighter. Maybe it’s from all those green juices but it definitely makes sense. My hair has become way thicker. I was afraid I’d start losing it but now I’m pretty confident I can keep them for a long time with a good diet.
  • Beating my Cardio Times: I use an app called freeletics to keep fit. It gives you a bunch of strength and conditioning type work outs which you have to time yourself while doing. The aim is to continually improve by beating your previous time. It actually works great! I’ve been smashing my previous records even when I thought I was at the peak of my fitness back then!
  • No Need for Naps, Early Wake ups easy: Even though I can get up relatively early, I used to always wake up feeling sluggish. Nowadays, if I can stop eating at around 7pm max and keep it relatively clean, (no heavy plates of rice or noodles or takeaway), coupled with 2,000 calories of raw, my body always wakes up right. I might feel it a bit for a minute or two but once my body start to wake up, it wakes up! I’m ready to go.
  • Started The Year off with a Win: Even though I had at least 100 instances where I really wanted to break the diet, I wanted to start off this year with a win. I was going to have it no other way! It would set up the rest of my year and give me confidence I could keep up with these challenges. The mind is an interesting thing. After a while of keeping a successful routine, it makes it way easier to keep it. Keep failing and it’ll snowball into a failing attitude.

Overall, I’m going to stick to this. It doesn’t even feel like a diet anymore to be honest. I feel like I’m just eating breakfast, lunch and dinner like normal people and having small bites of delicious meals whenever I feel like it.

If anyone wants to start this, here’s some tips.

Keep it simple

For the most part of the diet I had these,


I varied it up a little but not thinking about what to make made it a whole lot easier. I don’t like complicating things and if I enjoy something, I’ll stick to it. I’ve been having the same smoothies for breakfast for almost a year now and I still love them!

Never be Hungry

The biggest mistake most people do when on a diet is they starve themselves for too long. Being hungry is like being drunk, you just stop thinking rationally. If I’ve come home to pizza from a hard days working without eating breakfast and skipping lunch what’s the chances I’ll eat it? 100%.

For me, it’s 100%.

That’s one thing I had to eliminate. No more being hungry. Being so full on raw food that even the most enticing foods didn’t feel as enticing anymore. I can easily walk past a whole box of pizza without taking a piece.

Be full on healthy food, at the end of the day, your food needs energy and sustenance, don’t deprive it of them.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself

I’ve gone back and forth on this diet for years. Each time I stick to it for a day or a month, I’ll learn something. it’s a constant process of learning and incorporating new beliefs and information. Be patient with yourself. If you end up failing, then give it another shot when your ready.

Do it With a Friend

While I was doing this diet, one of my best friends was doing a no rice challenge. It was fun to go out and laugh about our crappy diets and how much we missed our foods.

It was also motivating and encouraging to know we were both going strong. If I felt like breaking it, I’d call him and he’d convince me not to. We’d keep each other in check and enjoy the process even though it was frustrating at times.

Ending Remarks

Overall, it was a great way to start the year. Now that my body is ready to go, it makes achieving my financial goals that much easier.

I’m able to be motivated enough to continue, focussed enough to solve problems, energized enough to wake up and get into the right mindset and just generally a better machine in terms of my output capibilities.

It all adds up and eventually you’ll reach a point where you’re being conistent and extremely productive in your business. That’s the point that will make the difference.

Thanks for following this challenge.



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Written by Mateen