Income Stream Revenue
AffPlayBook Referrals $3,038.75
MaxBounty Referrals $392.67
Teespring Courses $402.00
JVZoo Products $70.50
CreateSpace Sales $30.30
Kindle Sales $22.21
Total $3,956.43

I thought I’d tabulate everything for a change. It looks nicer doesn’t it?

I don’t include costs in my reports because they’re negligible. I’ll start posting them for the blog once they start to be more than $500 but for now all I’m really paying for is Aweber and hosting which is less than $100/month.

Kindle Business Status

Much of December was spent putting out 15 Kindle Books on the Amazon store. To test business models I usually give them a set time and productivity output limit which, once completed, I’ll reassess to see if I like it or not.

Teespring has been a very hands on business where you need to be working 4-6 hours a day to earn a decent income. You spend so much time and effort to find a winning campaign and in a couple of weeks you have to restart the whole process since the first one fizzles out.

It starts to wear you out and after launching over 2,000 campaigns I decided to try out Kindle. Kindle seemed to be more stable with income coming in months after the initial publish. I thought it would be a better business model.

After launching 15 books I’m getting a trickle of income. $50 for this month is pretty low but I guess it will be constant trickle every now and then which is nice.

I don’t like the writing though. Most books I’ll pump out in 2-3 days but after a few books my fingers really want to take a book.

I’d much rather spend my writing energy working on blogging and creating something that will bring in visitors and provide tonnes of value and content for my readers.

I decided to ditch it and try something else.

Don’t let that discourage you though, my results could be different for you! I know someone who did the same thing I did but made over $3k!

Some Tips if You Want to Get Started

  • Get a professional to design your covers. It’s all about that front end marketing. You might have the worst content buy the cover and description is what gets you the sale, (reviews as well of course).
  • Focus on pumping them out at the start. There’s no point picking a niche at the start as you don’t know what’s profitable and what isn’t. Make books on a variety of niches to test the waters then focus in on whatever gets you the best results.
  • Listen to everything Steve Scott says on his blog. He’s the man. He’s got tonnes of posts and tutorials about kindle similar to how I have here with Teespring.
  • Publish on both Kindle and Createspace. Createspace is massively underrated and I know people making over 95% of their kindle income on Createspace! It’s the hardcopy distribution channel for kindle and takes about 5-10 minutes to get your content on their too.

2016 Challenges

With 2015 nearing it’s end, I was looking forward to making a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2016. It was great to spend the year experimenting on new things but it made me realize how important it is to work on what’s already working!

What worked the best for me was to launch a lot of campaigns and blogging.

Both activities have lead to money being made and both were the crux of my business for a long time. That being said, I’m going to kick 2016 off with a few challenges to get myself running in the right direction.

Monetizing a Blog from Scratch

Blogging is the closest thing to passive income I’ve ever come across. It’s bought in a very healthy income for over a year now and hasn’t even reached 10% of where I want it to be.

I’ve made a new blog called engineer2blogger and will be growing this to 4 figures in income by June.

Follow this Challenge Updates Here


Blogging given me extra money to spend on my campaigns, enabled me to meet a tonne of people in the IM field and generally given me a launchpad to share my opinions and learn from others.

I’m glad I stuck with it, it’s grown to it’s own brand and people recognize affengineer as being the Teespring guy.

I’ve spent a couple of weeks getting some content on to the blog, now just to regularly post updates and get it to start earning money!

I’m excited about it because it’s earning potential is huge and I know if there’s any business model I know how to make money from, it’s blogging.

100 Campaign Launch Challenge

I’ll be launching 100 campaigns in the month of February. We’re in February as I write this and I’ve just launch a few campaigns to get me back in the zone.

It’ll be great to drive some traffic to the blog and show people how the average day for a internet marketer looks like.

I’ll be revealing what I’ve done, how much I’ve made, how much I’ve lost and generally the data available to me will be made public so people can see how I go about my internet marketing business.

I’ll be giving out as much as I can without giving away my profitable campaigns of course.

Raw Food Extreme Energy Challenge

Not many followed this one which is understandable as most people here are here to make money, not learn how to eat.

That being said, eating healthy has a direct contribution to how much money I make. Why are top entrepreneur personalities give so much importance to meditating, eating healthy, exercising etc? Because it’s all a system of the mind and body. It all comes together to present you with a machine ready to give you maximum output.

If you pretend you’re in a race then eating healthy is like being a Ferrari as opposed to a Toyota. You work better, you work faster, you get more done and generally you become a better entrepreneur.

Check my earlier posts on how it’s changed my energy levels drastically and how you can get started if you want to.

Shifting Mindset

This whole year I spent experimenting with ideas that have been on the back burner for ages. It was great to get it out of my system and I learned a tonne on what contributes to a successful business, how to grow an email list in the 1000’s and basically simple business lessons you can only learn by doing.

This year, it’s all about working on things that already work.

Whether that’s my own current businesses that have a lot more potential to grow or someone else’s business model that can be replicated and tweaked around.

I’ve saved all the experimenting for sometime later when I have more money to spend on these experiments. For now, it’s about making money. That’s what I was originally here for anyway.

The Right Business Model

When someone mentions business and action, people get motivated and start taking a whole lot of action. This is great for the most part but if you’re taking a whole lot of action in the wrong direction, there’s no point.

When I hear action, I think of the top 20% of activities that contribute to 80% of your success.

Me blogging every now and then is basic maintenance. To really grow my blog I should be working on distribution, promotion, networking, etc. It has a tonne of content already. I just need more people to find it and subscribe.

So think of this when you’re working on things. Don’t be spending too much time working on perfecting the back end. If you’re spending weeks, months perfecting your blog before you get it out there or getting your Teepsring design right before launching it or building your start up before making sales, your doing it all wrong.

You should be marketing and making sales first. Whether it’s door knocking, cold calling or leaning the basics of FaceBook/Google marketing, customer feedback and engagement is everything. Perfection comes form this, not you working behind a computer trying to guess what peoples needs are.

For example, for me, taking a whole lot of actions means one thing. Launch Campaigns Like a Mad Man!

Moving in to the 2016

I’m going to do a whole lot of things different. I’m hoping to have a big year this year building things that can stick around for a long time.

At the same time that I’m building these long term assets, I need to be focussing on working on what I do best and that’s to launch campaigns and find gold pockets in places no one has.

It’s going to be a big one so make sure you check up regularly.

Here’s to a big year,




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