Challenge: Launch 100 Campaigns in a month and document results

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Campaigns Launched So Far 7/100
Revenue $0
Costs $175.52
Total Profit/Loss -$175.52

There seems to be a lot of interest in this challenge which is awesome. Now I know what you guys would like to hear more of. Basically the nitty gritty workings of an affiliate marketer.

So that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

I’ll blog more regularly about campaigns. My campaigns, campaigns I find that have done exceptionally well, potential campaigns, etc.

Positive Signs, Let things Run

The 5 campaigns I had set up the day before made no sales. Some showed signs of good potential. Good CTR, low prices and positive comments.

Comments like, “I’m so going to get this”.

Even something like, “Just Bought :)”

So I let things go for another $15 each for 2 more campaigns and still no sales.

Is this normal? Very normal.

Some people feel like their on to a winner with a great CTR and a lot of positive comments. But when there’s no sales they feel like there’s something wrong with what they did. There’s nothing wrong. People are like this. They’re all ‘yes omg I so will do it’ but when it comes to pulling out your credit card and making a purchase, it’s a different story.

This is why when you’re starting a business, you must always check if people will physically make a purchase. Not just by getting an opinion from your best friends and family but actually make some sales. Don’t ever put your heart and sole into a business without making some initial sales.

Anyway, so still no sales. I decided to try get things rolling with Pay Per Call.

Pay Per Call Landing Pages

I spent 4 long hours trying to build my first pay per call landing page. They looked real simple to make but I’m no coder and for someone like me, it takes a while to reverse engineer this sort of suff and come up with something.

I looked into different Landing Page Builders. Unbounce and Leadpages were the main ones.

Leadpages have some great landing pages but their customisability is limited. There’s a lot you can do but the limitations are annoying.

So I looked into Unbounce who have partnered up with RingPartner and signed up for their 30 day trial. I came up with something like this.


I’ve picked 3 offers and will make a bunch of angles for each offer. The above is just a very basic example of the landing page I will be using. Will I be using the exact thing above? No way. I’ll tell you why.

If there’s one thing Teespring taught me, it’s that you need to be specific with who you’re targeting.

Don’t just try and sell generic shirts to everyone in the world.

Try and sell T shirts to pregnant mothers who like playing golf, (example). The more specific you are, the more your offer will resonate with that exact set of people. Do this with 100 sets of different people with different interests and you’ll reach a tonne of people.

So for the above offer, I’m going to be breaking it down to targeting,

Appliance type + Area Code

For example, Microwave Fixing near you in California. This is better than generic ‘appliance fixing’.

I’m going to try at least 10 angles with each campaign. I have a lot more in mind so will try them also. I haven’t set anything up yet so when I will, I’ll have some more stats for you guys from Google Search.

Also notice the landing page doesn’t have much text on it? That’s because it’s there really just to get approved for Google Search. Just like you need a FaceBook page to promote on FaceBook. You need a landing page to promote on Google even though no one will even click on it. They’ll be mostly just tapping the number to make a call.

This is all I have for now.



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Written by Mateen