Challenge: Launch 100 Campaigns in a month and document results

If you like this series let me know in the comments so I know to keep going!


Campaigns Launched So Far 19/100
Revenue $0
Costs $311.90
Total Profit/Loss -$311.90

6 More Campaigns Launched

While I was waiting for my Pay Per Call landing pages to get approved, I thought I’d try some custom apparel campaigns. I was doing some research on FaceBook and came across some of these,

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.43.12 am Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.43.49 am

I found about 5-10 of them all up and some of them had over 200 sales!

It’s about as much as my average Teespring campaign makes but they were selling for $26.95 with a profit margin of $19! That’s pretty damn good.

That has potential to bring in some nice income so I thought I’d try a few. Turns out it was gearbubble that made them so I signed up with an account and made 4 quick variations just to test.

I also tested ‘clicks to website’ over ‘page post engagement’ which was a lot different to what I normally do.

At the same time I tried a couple of Teespring campaigns just because….well, since I’ve been doing them for so long, they’re easy to churn out and test.

My Results


The first showed a little promise at over 10% PPE so I let it continue for a while.

The rest? They bummed hard.

I like to push at least 100 people through at a cost effective price before I analyze whether to continue or not. At 40-90 cents per website click that would mean I’d have to spend $40 – $90! Way too much.

I think my pendant designs were too generic which made targeting difficult.

That’s ok, I’ll try again next time with a new set of designs. I think I’ll try about 5-10 more pendant designs before I re-analyze if I should continue with pendants or not.

I’m always on the search for new apparel. Anything that has proof of working.

Remember, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If you can figure out what merchandise is working and what designs seem to be doing well at that certain moment. It gives you insight into what niches are fresh.

For example, there was a time mid last year where grandparent shirts/hoodies started to emerge and all of a sudden there were 10s of thousands worth of merchandise sales in a period of a month! If you were quick, you would have made money.

Just like that, you need to always be researching on niches.

Looking forward to trying something else next week Monday, (I’m taking a break on the weekend). Hopefully, will push through some pay per call offers and get some interesting results.

But anyway, as long as I’m launching, I’m on the right track. Let the results guide you.



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Written by Mateen