Challenge: Launch 100 Campaigns in a month and document results

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Campaigns Launched So Far 25/100
Revenue $45
Costs $378.73
Total Profit/Loss -$333.73

Wooohooo some revenue!

But it’s not Teespring, it’s Pay Per Call.

It’s good I decided to mix it up for this challenge. I used to do this a lot when i first started, (a little too much), where I’d try a bunch of different affiliate marketing methods and let the results guide me.

Eventually Teespring hit it off and I stuck to that back then. This year I really needed to expand my expertise a little.

Anyway, I called up my Pay Per Call rep who helped me get my landing pages approved and immediately after, I set up some Pay Per Call Campaigns on Google.

The Pay Per Call Campaign Stats

ppcall stats

I set up 3 campaigns and in a matter of minutes started to receive traffic and consequently calls/conversions!

I don’t think Google spreads your spend across the day, (maybe you can set this option), so it spent it basically as quick as it could.

I ended up ripping through my second campaign budget which was $20. I only got 2 clicks but the funny thing was that one actually lead to a conversion which was more than $20!

Pay Per Call is a very interesting affiliate marketing method because a conversion isn’t a purchase. It’s a qualified call. Which means that all you really need to do is get the right people to call through for the right price. Even if you’re spending $3-$7 per click, you can still end up with a profitable campaign because of the high payouts and conversion %.

But, just like any other affiliate method, it’s not easy. It takes some time to learn the dynamics and start generating revenue. Below is a screenshot of my revenue so far on RingPartner,

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.39.12 am

Hopefully, I’ll continue to grow this and get a profitable campaign out of it.

Advertising Tips

I once took a ‘long term affiliate marketing course’ at AffPlaybook¬†and one of the most valuable takeaways was how to write high converting ad copy for your Google Ads.

Not many people know this so if you’re reading this make sure you memorise it.

If I’m making an ad for the keyword, ‘How to Make Cupcakes’ then my ad copy will look something like this,

How To Make CupCakes
How To Make CupCakes Easily,
Make them in the next 5 minutes!

Your ad group must have an ad with the keyword your using in it to get a good quality score and repeating the keyword in the header and description gives a higher than normal CTR.

This ‘repeating’ thing is what I want you to memorise. Remember, the searcher is only on the search page for about 2-4 seconds before he/she clicks something. They’re going to click something that matches as close as possible with what they’ve typed into the search bar and seeing your ad with this keyword everywhere will make them more enticed to click.

It’s worked on every one of my campaigns and due to my high CTR’s, I get better positioning of my ads at a lesser cost than others.

Another tip is to start your bids at around 1/4 – 1/3 of the offer payout. So if the offer is paying $20, start your bids at $5-$6. Then move up or down depending on traffic and cost.

Anyway, I’m still learning here so don’t want to get ahead of myself with advice.

Ending Remarks

Many people, when starting out in affiliate marketing stick to tier 3 traffic sources. The likes of 7Search comes to mind. There are a tonne of traffic sources out there that promise cheap clicks but the problem is volume and quality. I have no idea where these guys get their traffic from and in many cases, they’re diluted with bot traffic.

I always start off with the big traffic sources. Google and FaceBook. Whether it’s search, PPV or disruption marketing like FaceBook, I stick to traffic sources I know will give me information that will lead to me finding the gold.

Also, these are the traffic sources that have a tonne of good traffic on them. You can spend millions per day if you wanted to and consequently reach millions of quality traffic which means the scaling potential is enormous. Million dollar campaigns are run on good quality traffic sources.

It takes time, research and money to find where the gold is. This is why it’s imperative to be ok with losing money.

It’s part of business. You lose money, you learn, then you make money.

That’s how it goes and if you’re not ok with the first step, then most likely you won’t make it to the last.

That’s all for now.



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Written by Mateen