Challenge: Launch 100 Campaigns in a month and document results

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Campaigns Launched So Far 38/100
Revenue $45
Cost $715.97
Total Profit/Loss -$670.97

Launched another set of Teespring/Gearbubble campaigns. About 13 all up. Half the campaigns were almost the same design just altered to appeal to a bunch of different niches.

This is the best way to test multiple niches. Sometimes you can tweak the angle so much it will be applicable to a totally different niche that most people wouldn’t have even thought of. I’ve done this many times and made good money from it.

Here are the FaceBook results,

stat 13

A total spend of $337.24.

Some of my stats are actually not bad at all! I got clicks down to almost 4 cents and probably would have been able to bring them down further as time went on and FaceBook optimised the audience pool that engaged with my ad the most.

The campaigns that gave me higher than costs, I tried to pick up and end straight away.

19 post engagements at 30 cents each out of a 385 reach is around 5% CTR. No campaign I’ve had with this CTR has been profitable so I stopped it after $5.75 spend.

Most others, I gave a fair chance but in the end I got only 2 sales. and they were for different campaigns.

1 sale after $30-$40 spend is usually a cancel for me.

Remember, you’re not looking for the odd sale here or there. You’re looking for consistent sales. This is a principal I don’t usually talk about much.

Many people waste too much money by continuing to spend on a campaign that brings them a sale every $30-$50 spend. I know the feeling of making sales, it’s great but don’t let it fool you in spending on something that ultimately is making you a loss.

If it was 2 sales in the same campaign at $30-$50 spend maybe I would have continued because at least there would have been a slim chance of consistency but that wasn’t the case.

One thing I did pick up on however was that many commenters on one of the campaigns was suggesting a slight change on the design. They liked it but were making comments such as,

“If only it sad ____ instead of ____” or

“I’d get it but…”

So I decided to make the chance and relaunch and now am getting pretty decent engagement and comments such as.


I’ve got about 10 comments all up similar to this so hopefully I’ll get some sales.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if I still got no sales as I’ve had many campaigns like this yet people still don’t buy! Everything seems perfect but people just don’t go through with the sale.

It’s kind of annoying but I guess it’s just business.

Going Forward

I think from now on, I’ll stick to Pay Per Call. It’s caught my interest and seems to be getting me some results. It’s more stable and Teespring, for someone that has been doing it for so long, is getting a bit boring.

Also, if you haven’t been surprised by how hard Teespring is to break into, I commend you. You can see why most people don’t make it. They would have given up by now, scared of how much money they lost.

But tell me, why would it be that easy to make money? No method of making money that I know of is easy. Everything comes with blood, sweat and a lot of persistence.

Going 30+ campaigns with hardly any revenue is just another day at work for most internet marketers.

But going 1,000+ campaigns without a big winner rarely happens which is why we just keep going every single day till we get something.

That’s all for now folks.

Hope you guys are enjoying this. It’s definitely got me back into launch gear.

Thanks for those that have supported me via email and comments, you guys keep me going!


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Written by Mateen