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Campaigns Launched So Far 54/100
Revenue $53
Cost $849.31
Total Profit/Loss -$796.31

Since the last update, I spent $26.34 on Google and $107, ($144.53AUSD), on Bing. guess how many qualified calls I bought in? One and that was actually from Google.

$107 on Bing is no joke. Actually, I hardly use the traffic source and assumed it was the same as Google Adwords. Big mistake.

Bing for Pay Per Call is very different to Google.

The call I bought in was from Google. Most of my Bing traffic, after analysing the reports was pretty much thrown down the drain.

I was showing up for keywords that were hardly related to what I had selected. For example, instead of ‘dental care for children’, I was getting, ‘medicare for kids’, ‘medicare for children’, ‘cash assistance for children’, etc. What good is this traffic for a dentist ppcall offer? No good.

95% of my clicks came from these keywords.

And to make it worse, traffic was coming from computers, not mobile!

This is a ‘click to call’ campaign meaning you want to be advertising on Google and popping up as a simple, ‘tap to call’, ad which will straight away bring in calls. People hardly visit a landing page and make a call, you want them to call straight away.

I had set up about 6-8 campaigns on different angles for an offer I was promoting. Eg, for a lawyer offer I was splitting my ad groups into,

  • Lawyers in Texas
  • Lawyers for senior citizens
  • Lawyers for abuse
  • Lawyers for x
  • Lawyers for y
  • Best Lawyer Near me
  • etc etc.

There are literally 100s of these I can try and even more if I were to split it further. My Teespring Experience comes into play here where you want to appeal to each individual as much as you can. I think the idea here is to eventually try them all. Everything you can think of. You might get a trickle of income from each one but totalled up, might bring in a lot of money.

Anyway, since I set up so many at the same time, I ended up spending a lot before I learned my lesson.

I now put negative keywords so I don’t display for useless keywords, make sure my ads don’t show in the content network and have increased my bids for mobile search and decreased bids for computers/tablets. The annoying thing is, you can’t completely omit all computer/table traffic. Bing doesn’t allow this so the best you can do is reduce it as much as possible.

The good thing about Bing is that clicks are cheap! Over 50% cheaper than Google. I really want to master it for ppcall which will open up a world of opportunity.

Also, I’ve had more consistent conversions with PPCall compared to everything else I’ve ever tried. Maybe I’ll stick to it for a while and see where it takes me. Might stick to it exclusively for 3 months till I learn these traffic sources as much as I can.

If you haven’t realized yet, I spend a lot of money to learn. Not on products and service but on actual traffic. There is no better way to learn then to actually put your own money to the test and learn from your mistakes. When you lose money, it burns a lesson into your memory and you’ll learn it for life.

Losing $1,000s before you make money is normal. It took me 50 Teespring campaigns till I made a single sale! That’s around $1,500 in the negative before any revenue.

I can’t stress it enough – If you want to make money you have to be ok with losing money to learn. Not on courses or ebooks or laptops but on the number one critical component of this business. Traffic.

Even in my Teespring courses I tell people to start doing. Don’t just read it and shelve the information. Do it!

You might lose a few hundred but you’ll go from level 0 affiliate to level 10 and things will start to make more sense and click later on.

This blog is all about an insight into an affiliate marketer. Me. I don’t hide anything, I don’t sugarcoat anything, I just try being as transparent and honest as possible. If you can get past the hurdle of small financial losses then you will reap the rewards of large financial gains eventually. That’s the affiliate marketing circle of life.



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Written by Mateen