Campaigns Launched So Far 74/100
Revenue $115.00
Cost $1,328.37
Total Profit/Loss -$1,213.37

I actually haven’t been launching many new campaigns but I’ve been heavily tweaking my existing ones.

I’ve also realized that I’ve been reporting some costs in Aussie Dollars! I’ve tweaked this report to show everything in U.S. $ so if you’re going to try connect the numbers from the earlier posts to this one you’ll see a disconnect.

Pay Per Call

I’m finally getting some consistent conversions with a pay-per-call offer. The revenue in the last 4 days has looked like this,

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.36.14 pm

That’s more than 10 paid calls to the offer which to me, says, it converts.

The most important thing for me to test for at the start is an offer that converts consistently.

The worst thing to ever get is an offer that converts here and there, never really giving you a straight forward indication whether it’s consistent or not.

One day, you might make 5 sales with $50 spent, the next 10 days, you might spend $1,000 with 0 sales. These will lose you a lot of money because your mind will always want to make them work.

There’s no specific reason why this happens, but it happens many times. Even with some Teespring campaigns. The offers that people can profit off every day are the ones that sell consistently.

In a good consistent campaign, a $20-$50 spend will get you 8-10 sales give or take a couple, but never 0. These are the offers I’m looking for.

After more than 1k in red, I think I’ve found one, now it’s a matter of siphoning out the crappy keywords and finding ones that convert and are cheap.

The campaign initially lost me money but after taking out some keywords, adding some negative keywords and playing around with some Google Adwords settings, today was actually my first day in profit. I spent about $25 to get $30 worth of calls.

From this point onwards I’ll be focusing more on this and be launching a few more camps on the side.

Bing Ads

I’ve currently paused all Bing Traffic. Why? Because learning too many traffic sources at once is going to give me a loss of at least 2-5k.

It’s better to master one, make money and move on to something else so for now, I’m going to focus on Google Adwords.

Maybe Try Mobile

I can’t handle learning 5 traffic sources at once, but I can handle two.

I’m thinking of stepping into mobile. I’ve read a few case studies here and there and figured out a lot of people are having success with different types of offers. I might jump in while it’s still a hot space and see what I can do.

I know it takes some time to master a traffic source so if I do get into mobile, I’m going to stick to it a month before I try something else.

One of my biggest issues is jumping around too much.

I’ll read something one day, get all excited and launch a bunch of campaigns, then, the next day I’ll read something else, ditch the first idea, and launch a bunch of campaigns with the second idea.

It works sometimes, but most of the times, it just takes me in circles.

I remember when I put my foot down and forced myself to learn Teespring, I hit a home run.

I’m going to apply the same with mobile.

Coming Soon

So, next month, I’m might do a ‘2-3k spend on mobile’ challenge. I haven’t figured out exactly what the number will be but it’s going to be a set spend so I can learn the platform.

You can’t learn anything unless you’re willing to spend. I learnt so much about pay-per-call this month because I spent and spent and spent and in the process collected data that taught me pay per call behaviour.

I might stick to certain ideas for a month or two and blog about them the same way I’ve been doing with this challenge. Let me know if you guys would like that and I’ll plan something.

Anyway, moving forward, I’m going to keep playing with this pay per call offer. I’ll see if I can get about 50 calls and then ask for a pay bump. If I can get $50-$100 profit a day out of it then I’ll be a happy chappy.


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Written by Mateen