I’m testing out a new series of blog posts where I’ll be sharing my weekly learnings with everyone here.

(Tell me if you guys like it in the comments so I know to continue)

I’ve always measured my progress with ‘how much I’ve learned’, as opposed to ‘how much I’ve earned’.

Every Friday evening I’ll close my eyes and sit back on my chair for a bit and think about what I learned the previous week. If I’m not blown away with the amount of things I’ve learnt, I know I’m doing something wrong.

Learnings of the Week

Mobile Marketing

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.59.33 pm

This was a completely new space for me a couple of weeks ago so I spent a long time just reading case studies, success stories and follow alongs.

I browsed the paid forums I’ve signed up to and there was a lot of gems in there so I kept reading and absorbing knowledge.

In many ways, I feel like a newbie again. There’s just so much to learn!

I’ve signed up to some pop under and banner traffic sources and am testing a few things. I’ll spend about 1k and report back with what I’ve learned. I’m seeing some conversions which is good but the space is so big it’ll take me some time to find my feet.

I’ve seen some success stories on the forums of newbies hitting $xxx/day campaigns in a matter of months. Hopefully I can be one of those :D.

Voluum Tracking

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.45.36 pm

I singed up to Voluum and took my time to learn the tracking platform. I was surprised at how efficient it made everything!

Previously I was using Prosper202 to track my campaigns but the insight was limited. Now I can track over 20 variables and learn exactly where my affiliate sales are coming from right down to even the Mobile Career! Here’s an example of one of the mobile campaigns I’m running,

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.26.11 pm

Imagine after spending $100-$200 on this campaign how much data I’ll get? Here’s a list of things I can track,

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.39.51 pm

it’s massive.

I can fine tune the crap out of my campaigns and find a winning combinations of filters. Then, expand with variations/offers/traffic sources to make a lot of money!

I know it’s a matter of time till I find something but this definitely has me excited about the scaling potential.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.45.50 pm

UnBounce Landing Page Builder

When I was trying some pay per call stuff I was looking into a Mobile Landing Page Builder.

Leadpages wouldn’t cut it because their customisation features are limited so I stumbled upon Unbounce.

They charge around $99/m which isn’t too bad but the best thing is their 1 month trial. It was the perfect thing for my challenge last month so I decided to sign up for free and try them out.

I learned how to create landing pages for Pay Per Call offers and make CTA buttons that straight away call a number when clicked.

It’s not a bad platform and is more for the advanced affiliate who knows how to customise and code a little bit more than the average person. You can drag and drop things if you want but I think the real gold is in being able to test and tweak a variety of different things.

AdPlexity Mobile Intelligence Tool

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.38.40 pm

My success with Teespring relied heavily on me being able to monitor what’s currently working.

Finding out certain niches and designs were selling like hot cakes allowed me to get a piece of the pie and in a way create a whole new pie no one knew about!

AdPlexity gives me everything I need to know about everything.

What offers are hot, what landing pages/banners/angles are working, what sites/apps they’re being advertised on, what volume they’re running, what devices they’re targeting, everything!

I can search banners and pops of all sizes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.32.55 pm

I can click into them and see a load of data,

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.37.38 pm

I can even download the exact landing page they’re using! It’s crazy and definitely was a good buy.

Setting up Mobile Landing Pages

Setting up Landing pages on Unbounce is one thing. The platform makes it easy to make them but what about coding them out yourself?

If there’s one weakness I have it’s coding. I can do a bit and understand about 40% of code but for the most part I have no clue on the most simplest things!

I spent some time creating my own landing pages from templates I downloaded from Adplexity.

It took me a while but slowly, I’m getting faster.

I can now make simple landing pages to even survey/quiz type pages! I’d love to learn how to make small ‘tap 100 times in 10 seconds’ game type landing pages but all in due time. I’m just going with the flow right now and learning as much as I can.

DropShipping with Alibaba

Every now and then I come across the concept of drop shipping. I’ll give the article a read but for the most part side line the whole thing because I never quite understood it.

After reading a success story and talking to someone on Skype about it, I realised it’s much more simpler than I used to think and pretty much works like Teespring!

  1. You sell the product on your site.
  2. You go buy the product on Alibaba with the customers shipping details.
  3. The end.

That’s the simple concept but if you’re doing this on a large scale you can imagine the amount of customer support cases you’ll be dealing with.

I’m going to test about 100 products and see if I can get something to sell well.

I’ll take the Teespring approach and test via laser targeting. I need to find a way to be able to set up a product and test if I can get a sale within $30. If I can do this then it opens up a whole new game!

Networking With People

One of my main focus this year is to get in contact with people that I can learn from.

I have a lot of knowledge to share, especially being in the FB game for over 2 years. I can do a knowledge swap and trade pointers about different topics so we can help each other make more money.

Every time I see someone who knows something I’d be interested in, I’ll contact them and see if I can talk to them on Skype.

It’s great just having someone to go to if you have any questions or even just having the odd conversation here and there. I learn much faster this way and am sure if I keep it up will learn a tonne this year!

I’m glad I made it a major focus, it really is who you know now what you know in most cases.

Native Ads

You know those dodgy articles you see at the bottom of some viral websites? They look like these,

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.49.11 pm

Well they’re actually ads from different blogs and affiliates who link you out to their website.

They’ll pitch you a product are make you go through an annoying series of pages to find out ’30 ways you can tie your shoelace’.

The purpose of them is obviously to make money and the reason they make you go through so many pages is because each time a page loads with a bunch of ads, they’re getting paid on an impression/display basis.

Eg, $2 per 1,000 impressions means for every 1,000 times they can display an ad, they’ll get paid $2.

This is called ‘arbitrage’ and I know people that have made 6 figures with it.

Others who sell products can make up to 10k and even 50k a day!

It’s crazy. The best thing about it is it’s relatively new so there’s opportunity everywhere.

Again, I read a bunch of stuff and signed up to a couple of traffic sources to test the waters.

I’m sure with all the stuff I’m doing, I’ll stumble upon something.


To think most of this stuff was learned in just 1 week is crazy. It’s mind dumps like these that make me realise how much I’ve learned and how well I’m doing in my business.

I plan on continuing with this pace till I hit something. this year is going to be big, I know it!


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Written by Mateen