If you’ve been on my blog recently, you would have noticed I’ve removed my FaceBook like box and replaced it with a Snapchat one.

I’ve also placed it right at the top of the right side column, even above my eBook lead magnet.


Because I’ve been doing some investigating in social media, stripping away all the hype and looking at results.

In summary, for organic reach, here’s what I’ve found.

  • FaceBook sucks

  • Twitter and Pinterest aren’t too bad

  • Instagram is better but is slowly going the way of FaceBook

  • Snapchat is KING

Mind you, I’m writing this in March, 2016 so if you’re reading this a year from this date, things may very well have changed but for now, from my analysis, that’s what it is.

Let me Start With FaceBook

I have a love hate relationship with FaceBook.

I love it because from time to time, when my campaigns are profitable I can make a lot of money.

I hate it because when it comes to using the platform for free, that is, managing and growing a page to maximise brand news and distribution. IT SUCKS.

When I mention ‘distribution’, I’m referring to how much of your fan base it organically shows your posts/tweets/pins/etc too.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Here’s some popular FaceBook pages and some of their recent posts with engagement stats.

BuzzFeed: 6.6M FB Fans

This post was posted 5 hours ago and had the best stats in the last 24 hour period.



That doesn’t look too bad does it? Wait..

  • 487k Views = 7.5% of reach, (Video views are massively inflated though)
  • 15k likes = 0.2%
  • 1.7k shares = 0.026%
  • 1.2k comments = 0.018%

It just keeps getting worse….

You would think Buzzfeed are one of the best at keeping their fanbase engaged.

Conor McGregor Official UFC Fan Page: 3.3M FB Fans


Probably one of the most controversial contenders in the UFC right now and in sports in general.

You either love him or you hate him. I’ll keep my opinion about him out of this post for now :p

That engagement doesn’t look too bad. But let me do the stats again.

  • 214k Likes = 6.5%
  • 15k likes = 0.5%
  • 2.2k shares = 0.07%
  • 2.2k comments = 0.07%

If you’re good, you might get 10% engagement from your organic posts. If you’re really really good, I’ve seen 15% engagement but the stats are dismal to say the least.

Next time you see a popular fanpage you’re connected too, do a % check on their engagement vs fan base and see what you get.

The only exception to these are posts that go ‘viral’.

Now, Let’s Look at Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.16.48 pm

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.16.40 pm

One of the most engaged pages I’ve ever found was the above.

The next pic is one of their most popular posts.

Barely a 10% engagement with likes and comments combined. Maybe it has a significant amount of views but I don’t have access to that data.

What’s The Point of this Data?

The point of all this, if you haven’t figured it out by now is that, out of the total amount of fans you have on your FaceBook page which in many cases, You’ve paid for, you still have to work really really hard to keep them engaged.

But You already paid for them! Why the hell do you have to work hard to keep them engaged?!

That’s the point.

FaceBook has only so much real estate on their newsfeed they can use for each user. Some people are connected to over 1,000  friends and facebook pages. Imagine seeing activity from every single one of these on your newsfeed. It would be in a constant state of ‘refresh to update’.

Bottom line, it’s not feasible. FaceBooks solution to all this? As a Fan Page owner, you have to pay for this real estate. Time and time again. You have to earn the right to be able to plant your post(s) in-front of your fan. Even providing valuable content time and time again isn’t enough. If you want your whole FaceBook fanpage to see it, you have to pay for your posts by boosting them. Every single time.

This is what FaceBook has turned their algorithm into.

It Gets Worse

When you pay for likes, you’re paying for nothing. Literally. One month later, if you haven’t posted much on that specific FaceBook page, you’ll most likely lose all those fans.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ll still be ‘fans’ of your page but won’t be able to see your posts because FaceBook has picked up that they’re engaging in other Fanpage posts more frequently.

It gets even more worse..

Nowadays with trackers and spy tools and all sorts of services that have machines doing their work on social media platforms, a worrying % of your paid engagement is made of bots.


Sometimes, it’s in excess of 15% bot traffic!

And you can’t do much to stop it.

Particularly in U.S.A, if you have funnel flux and do readings on your bot traffic you’ll get some shocking results


So What About Snapchat?

I’ve been using snapchat ever since it came out.

I like the functionality of it. You take a pic/video on the go, post it to your ‘story’ and people can view it whenever they want.

Key pointWhenever they want

The level of control you have with your snaps is a lot more than Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest.

Why? It just so happens that Snapchat works in a way that is mega account owner friendly.

That’s why they haven’t been able to monetise it yet.

Let’s take DJ Khalid for example. He became very famous from his regular snapchatting of stupid videos and pics.


Do you know what his Engagement was like?




Almost 3 MILLION on some snaps!

That puts all social media channels to shame. I don’t care who you are or how big you are, these stats will eat your social media stats alive.

The formula lies in the way Snapchat works.

Like I mentioned. You take a pic and post it on your story. Your story is viewable by every single person connected to you.

They decide who they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

The only people that don’t see your snapchat story are those that have decided for themselves that they don’t want to see what your snapchat story is for the day or those that no longer have snapchat.

Snapchat has nothing to do with how many people get to see your snaps. They have no algorithm for this and I hope to god they never will.

Takeaways From All This

1. Don’t Ever pay for FaceBook likes

Honestly, I cringe when I hear people paying for FaceBook likes.

You don’t own those fans, you never will not to mention the bots likes you’re paying for. FaceBook likes should always be a by-product of FaceBook posts of products you’re profitable with when boosting.

2. Get on Snapchat

You know how the hoverboard became famous? They gave celebs free hoverboards who naturally snapchatted, instagramed and FaceBooked themselves using it.

Out of all this, Snapchat, by far, would have had the biggest impact.

I know eCommerce owners that have applied the same technique to popular snapchat account owners to grow their stores.

If you’re a new startup, try leverage snapchat

If you’re a blogger, a YouTuber, a Viner, GET ON SNAPCHAT.

Even Gary Vaynerchuk has his Snapchat profile as the first thing you see on his website.

Lastly, Add Me On Snapchat!

You don’t have to know how to use it. Just download the app and add my username below,

username: affengineer

Don’t worry, I won’t send you topless pics like DJ Khalid.

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