The best thing about Affiliate Marketing or being in the online space is that skills you learn in one venture are mostly transferrable to the next.

What do I mean by that?

If you’re first venture is attempting to sell Clickbank products on Bing and half way through, you decide to stop and try something else, than you will find the new thing you start will be much easier to wrap your head around because of what you learned initially.

Just like how setting up a simple WordPress blog for the first time will make that second time much faster, even if the second blog is in a completely different niche!

Same concept with Teespring.

What skills do you learn here?

Basic Marketing comes down to finding where your ideal demographic lies and giving them the best product you can possibly offer them. In online marketing terminology, ‘laser targeting’ and ‘offer selection’.

Teespring, if you’ve done a lot of it, will drill this in to you.

You will learn how to laser target and sell phsyical product on FaceBook.

So naturally, after being succesful with Teespring or Gearbubble or any other custom merchandise platform, why not try dropshipping?

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is the process of selling something on your front end store/website and sourcing the product from your supplier, shipping it directly to the consumer.

The store below is my test site,

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.31.11 am

it’s set up via a simple wordpress theme with the woocommerce plug in to create a store.

A visitor will come to the store, select a few products and checkout on the store.

I’ll get notified of the order and manually purchase the same items in the order from my supplier using the customers shipping address.

The supplier ships direct to the customer. I make my profit, the supplier makes his money, and the customer gets their product.

Everyones happy.

Testing Before Committing

I’ve mentioned that this is my ‘test store’

What do I mean by that? It’s a generic store where I basically add a product and market it on FaceBook with $30-$60 to see if it has any life.

If it sell well, I’ll make a dedicated store for that niche.

I’m a big believer in product validation before you commit all your time, energy and money to something.

I’m not the type to have an idea about selling dog product online, buy $3,000 worth of stock and spend the next 6 months trying to sell it online.

This is not good business.

Good business is selling $300 worth of Dog products, then ordering the dog products to ship to your customer, seeing if this demand is sustainable and only then committing to scaling.

This is what I’m doing here. once I see something like ‘car key chains’ dong well, I’ll make a dedicated store for it, market it as long as it’s profitable on FaceBook and incorporate proper SEO for long term traffic and sales.

Making Those First Sales



The first sales are always the sweetest.

Was I profitable? Nope! In fact I think I lost $30 overall but at least I know the model works!

There’s over 100,000 products I can test to over 150 countries and countless more angles, funnels and up-sells. Surely I can get something working. Right?

The money came through to my PayPal and bank account. I then proceeded to and shipped them straight to the customer.

It feels like my early days in Teespring. I’d get a few sales here and there until I found something huge.

The difference in this case is I can build a store around it that will not only make me money but will also be a complete online store which I can sell as a business!

An ecommerce store generating around 2-4k/m in profit can sell for over 30k easily on flippa!

FaceBook Advertising

I used good ol FaceBook advertising for this. My ads looked like the below,

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.44.37 am

Nice and simple. The product is nice and clear with an incentive to buy.

I’m going to try a variety of different ad copies from sales to discounts to clearances.

Testing will tell me what works best but I’ve learnt the biggest thing that contributes to your success is the right product – demographic fit. If you get this right then the other factors will barely matter.

That’s all for this post.

I’m going to be testing a bunch of things in time to come so keep posted


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Written by Mateen