Drop Shipping on FaceBook really comes down to one thing.

Launching as many FaceBook Campaigns as you can.

Each Campaign should be a specific product + laser targeted audience.

All the other things shouldn’t matter as much.

Things like making a FaceBook page. You shouldn’t spend too much time on this.

I get it, many of us are perfectionists and we want to get everything right but the reality is a FaceBook page doesn’t matter much when it comes to selling products.

I’ve sold 1000’s of products on a brand new FaceBook page.

What matters is the product + targeting.

So My advice with your drop shipping FaceBook page is to have something generic.

Just set it up with a nice cover photo and profile pic and you’re ready to go!

Here’s a FaceBook page I set up just to show you guys.


It’s nothing special. FunTree, what the heck is that?

The only reason you need a FaceBook page is because FaceBook doesn’t allow you to make newsfeed ads if you don’t have one.

If I find a killer product/niche then I’ll make a new FaceBook page and start marketing the product using this page so that I can kind of build an asset/brand.

This is the only time I’ll take care in my FaceBook Page creation.

I don’t bother generating content or running a likes campaign. That’s a waste of money.

So to break it down,

  1. If you’re testing a tonne of different products, make a generic FaceBook page.
  2. Once you find a successful niche or product, make a new FaceBook page and run your marketing using that page so you can grow it.

Eg, if custom clocks do well, I’ll open a new FaceBook page called ‘EPIC Clocks’ and run my ads using this page.

But ONLY when I find success in custom clocks.

If I’m just testing, I’ll use my generic testing FB page.

So yeah, keep it simple and focus on the main aspects of this model.

80-20 rule all the way.


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Written by Mateen