It’s been few weeks since I posted this article on reaching my first $500+ Day with Drop Shipping. Since then, many people have asked me how things are going with that campaign.

Here’s a screenshot of sales from 2 of my shopify stores. Both are for the same product.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 1.19.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 1.19.53 PM


The first screen shot is from the store I started to see some decent sales for this product.

I then stopped the ad, quickly set up a second store dedicated to that niche and restarted the ad

Scaling the Campaign

I actually first ran the campaign in U.S.A.

I got a tonne of click throughs, (Good Sign!), but hardly any sales. Usually when this happens, I’ll try other countries just in case it’s already been sold in U.S.A before and I’m just getting sales from people who missed the boat the first time. Often these sales aren’t enough to turn a profitable campaign.

So I set up a campaign in Australia and bam way more sales!

A $20-$30 spend in Australia would get me $200 – $400 worth of sales.

Once that started to die down I set up a lookalike campaign and sales restarted again.

Next, I set up a campaign in Canada and again a tonne of sales.

Every now and then you get a campaign where the ROI is awesome.

Spending $30 to get $100+ profit back is more than 300% ROI! That’s pretty big in terms of business.

Most companies struggle to maintain a 20%+ profit margin and here we’re doing 300% from a one man show on his computer.

Financial Stats

Total Revenue: $4,357.20

Total Advertising Costs: $855.92

Total Product Cost: $2,604.00

Total Profit: $897.28

ROI: 30%

This is the stats for all campaign tests to that specific product.

Much of the ad costs were made of testing U.S.A which gave back very little revenue hence lowering the ROI and kind of canceling out the massive ROI from Aus & Canada.

Loading Up the ‘Testing Bank’

Whenever I hit a profitable campaign and make some money I kind of think of it as loading up my ‘Product Testing Bank’.

If I can bank around $2,000 from this campaign then that allows me to test another 130-200 campaigns

My historical data tells me I can get at least a few good campaigns from 130-200 tests.

More than a few actually.

But this is how I have the confidence to keep going even though sometimes I get 50 fails in a row.

Because I know what my statistics roughly are and where and when to start worrying.

Once you have the process 99% figured out, just launch your socks off.

I’d be doing 10+ campaign launches a day if I wasn’t overseas but I just can’t right now.

Anyways, I thought I’d share how the campaign is going and what’s going through my mind.


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Written by Mateen