Every now and then you’ll come across a Drop Shippers product being marketed to you.

This product will have a tonne of shares, likes and comments and the chances of it doing well, are pretty high. Why? Because no marketer will continue spending money on a product unless they’re in profit and so if you come across a popular product post, it’s usually a winning product.

So what do you do with these?

Every time something like this comes up on my newsfeed, I’ll save the store on a notepad and check it out.

I actually have a notepad/excel spreadsheet with almost 100 stores I continually check out to see what’s hot!

You’ve got to surround yourself with this info so your quick to catch trends.

Anyway, this little trick allows you to check out the ‘best selling’ products of every store. Not every store has this option enabled but if it’s a shopify store, you can just add the link below and it will take you to the best seller page.

We’ll use ‘trendszen.com’ as an example. (The website in the video).

If I were to add ‘/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling’ at the end of it so it becomes,


then I’ll be able to see the BEST selling products for this guys drop shipping store!


What can we do with this information?

If I look around I’ll notice that this particular drop shipper is focusing on LED lights and cat products. Out of the 100s of products on his store, these seem to be doing real well.

If I sit here and think about it, expanding horizontally makes a lot of sense.

What doest that mean? Basically launch a tonne of products in the LED lamp and cat niche. But I’ve seen so many LED lamps out there, it’s just silly to launch the same lamps as everyone else.

I would be tracking these LED light manufactures and waiting for the newest lights OR finding one that I can make custom designs for!

That’s HUGE potential. Making your own custom line of LED lights would be a place no one else is in.

If I were to go that route, I’d make sure I can get sales before committing to the manufacturing process. Basically,

Step 1 – Contact All merchants of these products and tell them that I can get them 100s of orders if they can do custom lights for me. Get confirmation they can customise for you and can handle a big quantity of orders, 30-100/day.

Step 2 – Photoshop 20 – 50 custom LED light designs and try sell them on my store.

Step 3 – Once I see signs of profitable products, contact aliexpress, get them to manufacture it and there you go!

If you can get people a lot of business, anyone will be happy to work with you.

I have a particular supplier on Aliexpress that gives me a huge discount on some of his products and I’ve been able to do $10k+ on my store because of it.

Make sure you’re creating a database full of stores that you come across. In the next few videos I’ll cover a link I use that uncovers every single drop shipping shopify store in the world!

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Written by Mateen