Almost $10,000 in Revenue!!

(For some reason it says $0, maybe there’s a glitch at the moment. Look at the bottom of the pic).


100 Campaigns down, and These are the Stats


FB COST: $2,325.81

TOTAL REVENUE: $9,587.70

PROFIT/LOSS: + $2,409.89, ((Including Testing Costs)

PROFIT/LOSS: + $2,977.98, (Not Including Testing Costs)

It was a fun challenge, something I haven’t done in a while.

Drop Shipping via FB is only sustainable if you launch a tonne of campaigns a week/Month. The model works on you being able to continuously find profitable products.

I’ve been caught up in all these other side projects it was good to see my ecommerce business bring in some revenue again.

So how many campaigns did I end up finding all up? About 4.

Sometimes you find a $500 campaign that pays for your testing costs, sometimes you find a $100,000 campaign that pays for a house deposit.

My mindset has always been to search for the big campaigns. These are the ones that change your life.

Outsourcing Update

Last update I touched upon wanting to outsource my activities.

Running this blog, the ecomuniverse forum, drop shipping and other side hustles were becoming overwhelming.

I was also beginning to realise that I can’t depend on myself to work on each of these businesses enough to maintain and grow them. I needed someone to take the workload off me so I can focus on expanding.

So a week ago I put an advertisement out on an outsourcing website to try find someone who can,

  • Set up my products on Shopify stores
  • Set up my Ad on FaceBook
  • Monitor the Ad and cut/keep it going if needed

All I had to do was find the products I wanted tested and send him a file of them. Basically cutting my 2-4 hours business down to 30 minutes of research.

I’m happy to say I found someone.

I’m paying $250/m for someone to do this. I send them 10 links per day, they do the rest! How cool is that? Now I can focus on so many other things.

I’m also starting to just outsource everything else. Even things I’m not comfortable outsourcing. It’s becoming an obsession.

For example, I’ve outsourced the development and growth of 10 Instagram accounts. I want to get into the shoutout business but instead of again, relying on myself, I’ve jus outsourced it.

I think it’s the next stage of my entrepreneurship journey. Learning how to build a team and learning how to manage as opposed to doing the work myself.

Instagram Shoutout Test

Talking about Instagram, I spent $100 on a 3 day shoutout deal for one of my stores.

The page had 250k likes and a tonne of engagement.

Competitions have always worked well for me in the past so I offered to give away a canvas set to someone I’ll pick from those that have followed my page in the last 48 hours.

My page went from 150 followers – 450.

300 followers for $100, pretty crap to be honest.

BUT the great thing is I got a couple of sales from it!

2 orders worth about $250 in revenue = just over $100 in profit.

So it basically paid for itself. I also made good friends with the page owner which was pretty cool so hoping to work with them again. I spent a couple of hours emailing random account owners for pricing on Instagram shoutouts, I got the following responses for some pages. I’m not revealing the page because I’ll be promoting my product on them.


There’s a huge difference in pricing. There are some hidden gems that don’t charge much but have massive followings and are pretty active!

It all comes down to grinding it out, doing the leg work and getting those prices.

Not many do the shoutout thing comparatively to FaceBook so I’m very interested to see where this goes.


This challenge has been awesome. I’ve done a few things differently to what I’d normally do and considering this was my first proper attempt to drop shipping, it went pretty good!

I got an awesome employee from it and an obsession to explore instagram.

What Should I do next? a 100 Shoutout challenge? That would be cool 😉 Let me know.

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Written by Mateen