Even though I’m a big believer of being insanely focussed I can’t help but continue experimenting with other business opportunities.

Recently I’ve been looking at other traffic generation methods apart from FaceBook for my Drop Shipping business. Mainly, I wanted to know how much Instagram shoutouts actually cost?

I spent a couple of hours messaging 20-30 different Instagram pages to get a feel of their pricing and to see how the whole shoutout thing works.

I got responses from 80% of the accounts I contacted and was quite surprised with some of the numbers!


How much do Instagram Shoutouts cost

For all these Instagram accounts I added here, I made sure the engagement was high.

This is THE most important thing when buying Instagram shoutouts. Many times I’d see Instagram accounts, (particularly fashion ones), that had a huge following but hardly any engagement!

I’d see 2-3M pages with only a few thousand likes per photo. I knew there was something wrong with these.

The pages I added to my list, I ensured their engagement was relatively high. Not only do I look for likes but also have a read through the comments. Make sure it’s genuine people and not just comments like ‘cool’ or ‘good job’.

A lot of these are just spammy fake comments made by bots to trick people in buying shoutouts. Don’t get fooled into buying these.

Buying Instagram shoutouts is an art that can only be mastered by buying a tonne of them.

I’m thinking of doing 100 Instagram shoutouts as my next challenge. It’ll cost me $2k-$4k which is a pretty decent investment but it will be really interesting to see how much money I can generate.

How much money can I make with 100 Instagram Shoutouts? 

Pretty close to picking this as my next shoutout. Might take 2-3 months to complete though since these take a lot more time to actually organise but by the end of it I’ll have data to share on,

  • Which niches work the best
  • What the best shoutout arrangement is
  • Some low cost shoutouts that give big results
  • Whether shoutouts are worth it or not!

How Much Do Instagram Shoutouts Cost by Page Size Average

Here’s a nice little table for those that want to know more about the average cost of shoutouts.


Mind you, this varies greatly.

I have some pages on that list that are 3.7M large but only charge $50! They have pretty good engagement too.

Maybe because the niche isn’t that popular.

I’m sure womens or mens fashion charge a lot more not to mention actual celebrities! That naturally brings you to the question,

How much do celebrities make from Instagram shoutouts?

Oh man, you don’t want to know…

Just to put it in perspective, here’s a little infographic from Jezebel.com,




Makes me think if we’re even in the right business. $15-20k for a 5 minute job? Are you kidding me?!!

Anyway, I’m sure the leverage would be huge though with the right product – demographic fit.

Kyle Jenners Lipstick brand is the biggest shopify powered store in the world. Imagine if that was a different company that purchased a few endorsements from her? Would have been well the 5-6 figure investment!

eCommerce is such a big space and you can learn so much from it. I’m going to keep continuing in this direction and hopefully next here have a lot more knowledge on building ecommerce businesses using social influencers.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article, please share it around 🙂

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