I’ve gone on many times about custom products and finding your own custom niche.

Here’s a good example I’ve found that not many people are doing but definitely works.



I know there’s been some big campaigns that came out of this because I was searching FB yesterday and came across one of their campaigns.

Can’t seem to find it now, maybe they deleted the page. Damn, missed out by a day. But it had a tonne of engagement which from experience, screams profitable campaign.

There used to be a company called fyves that used to do allow you to make custom Shoes similar to Teespring does with shirts but they closed their doors a couple of years ago. Before that I launched a good 20 campaigns and I remember my first 3 campaign launches were straight winners.

Went on to make a few thousand but then the company closed and I stopped.

Teespring became big because it was the first company to really bring together the power of layered marketing due to customisation. You could make any product appeal to someone with the right words and images.

But its’ been 3-4 years since Teespring was at its peak and niches have been hit so many times, if you’re going to go with the old t-shirt route, it’d be hard to break though.

That’s why things like these catch my attention. Not many people are doing shoes but look at the below examples. They’re quite niche specific and open up a range of possible combinations.

Baseball Moms – A VERY big niche. One that did thousands of sales on shirts collectively along with other sports moms.


DBZ – Another big niche. I’ve seen Dragon Ball Shirts and merchandise sell consistently through the last few years I’ve been doing ecommerce. It’s one of those niches that just don’t saturate!

Air force Moms – Moms just love supporting their kids don’t they? It’s a nice design too. I don’t know how many 40+ year old mothers would wear shoes like this though but it’s definitely worth a short.


The cool thing about custom products like this is that they just open the doors to 1,000s of products limited only by your imagination.

This is just one example of many custom products I’ve seen doing great because one smart marketer caught on to them before others did.

Custom shoes are limited to people that wear these types of sneakers but with the right marketing and designs I’m sure there are a tonne of campaigns that can hit.

One thing I know was an issue and contributed to faves closing their doors was the number of returns they were getting on bad printing and changing sizes. I know because of the shear amount of comments from customers complaining.

So if you’re going to go this route keep this in mind. It’s all a numbers game though.

If product costs + refunds + stock loss still leaves you with a healthy margin then hey, we’re still winning!

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Written by Mateen