I haven’t blogged about Teespring in a while. Mainly because most of the crowed including myself have started heavily experimenting with Drop Shipping.

BUT, there’s still ample opportunity with custom merchandise so in todays article I’ll be going through a FaceBook Page I found earlier that does things the way I do.

Check this below FaceBook Page out,


No idea who owns or runs it but take a look around and notice how he/she does things.

You find a saying/slogan that works.

Then you launch a TONNE of variations within that slogan to see which ones can bring you money.


These shirts here are a perfect example. If any of them take off, chances are there are other niches the slogan will work for. In my opinion I’d make it more Christmasy by making the shirt either red or green and adding a bit of color but hey, you just don’t know what works sometimes.

Many people just jump around from design to design. Sometimes they’ll find something that does work and once they end the campaign and cash out on the profits they stop.

Wrong approach! You’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Why I use this Approach

My $150k Revenue shirt that dill well, worked great in US and Aus. I could have stopped there but I didn’t.

I launched the same thing in every country in the world. Yes, all 180+! It took me ages but I did it.

Out of those, about 10-15 became profitable and bought in another $20k

Then I expanded to New Zealand. Again, another $10-$20k

Did I stop there? Nope.

You’d probably be thinking what the heck is there to expand on now?

I translated the design and relaunched it in some countries that gave me good engagement but no sales.

Bam! Again, more profitable campaigns. Another $20k+

Testing Creates Opportunity.

For me Teespring has been about variations. Find something that works then vary the crap out of it. Either you become a machine and do it yourself or outsource the designs and uploading of campaigns to someone else.

Either way, if you have this approach you’ll find something big.

Lastly, you probably took a long time to make your first few designs on Teespring right? That’s normal. I remember it took me about an hour to launch my first one.

Once you’re at about 50 designs, you’ll be a lot quicker. In fact, you’ll have working templates that you’ll just change a few words or images and then you’ll have a whole new design ready to market to another niche.

You get faster and more efficient with anything as long as you continue wiht it. Whether it’s drop shipping or Teespring, remember to keep moving forward.

Good luck.

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Written by Mateen