In an ocean of 100s of thousands of products, how do you go about finding profitable products on Aliexpress?

It’s something I get asked quite frequently and I see it everywhere in forums.

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First off, finding profitable products isn’t easy. It also isn’t something that can be mastered, (100% hit), even after spending years in the industry. BUT, you will get a better idea as to which products have a higher probability to work than others.

There are simply too many factors that affect whether or not a product will work on FaceBook Drop Shipping. Many of these are beyond our control or knowledge.

For example, if you find a really cool dinosaur pendant that you want to market how do you know it hasn’t been marketed before in the country you’re targeting? Or whether or not that niche is a buyer niche? Or the product is hot enough to be profitable?

We don’t know these until we put out money to the test. There is NO other way to find this info out.

So keep this in mind when reading further. This article is not to give you a 100% hit ratio on your product selection. There is no way anyone can know or learn that.

A Cool Method to Find Hot Products

Damian from mentioned this in one of his threads and it’s been a great addition to my product selection process.

When adding a product from aliexpress, you’re shown a bunch of related products as follows,


Notice the ‘Buyers who Bought this Item also Bought’ section?

This is gold.

If you’re having success with a certain product, this is a great way to find other products related to that so you can scale/expand.

The thing about just going for products that are top sellers is that they have most probably been marketed before and so won’t work if you decide to market it. They’re not necessarily good products for our business model.

This method sometimes uncovers items that are being bought but haven’t taken off yet because someone hasn’t picked up on it.

Choose a Starting Point

I always choose a fairly calculated and researched starting point to use in this method.

I use FaceBook to search for current hot Drop Shipping products that are being sold.

I then put those products in my cart on Aliexpress and see what related products I uncover.

It’s a lot better to do this then to randomly browse around for things. You want to be working off products you know are currently successful.

This increases your chance of ultimately finding something that’s profitable.

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Written by Mateen