I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this project to you guys before but I’ve always been deeply interested in the whole Amazon Niche site thing.

Why? Because it’s a model that’s always worked! It was big when I first started in Internet Marketing and it’s still pretty big now. People still make millions per year from it.

Problem is, I HATE the whole process of doing it.


Article Writing + Backlinking etc gets mega boring and I got totally burnt out last time I did it.

This time I thought I’d 100% outsource the whole project and see if I can build a decent Amazon Niche site.

So about a month ago I registered the domain name dronereviewking.com and made a quick content strategy plan, (took me 5 minutes)

Basically I was going to,

  • Write 1,500 – 3,000 ‘best’ or ‘review’ type articles
  • Make a 2-5 minute video for each article, (helps to rank + youtube traffic)
  • Hire an SEO team to handle all the on page and off page SEO, link building, etc

That’s pretty much the whole process.

So I put the ads out for each part and got my SEO team, my article writer and my video creator,

The other day, I got my first sale!


$4.39 isn’t too bad. I chose this niche particularly because it should get me decent commission payouts per sale. I’d rather have a site making me $20-$50 per sale because the products are of high costs rather than something making me 50 cents per sale.

Anyway, I’m also ranking for some decent search terms based on my articles,


And slowly, we’re getting some traction,


From my previous experience, this is a game of consistency and patience. It’s not a ‘get rich overnight’ thing like FaceBook can be but a good Amazon niche site can make you consistent money for years.

Not to mention most sell for a decent 25 x monthly revenue multiple.

So if I can get this up to $1,000/m = $25k buyout.

$5,000/m = $125k buyout!

So it’s a cool side project 100% outsourced that has great potential.

Of course, we’re only at one sale so nothing to get too excited about but with more articles in the pipework, a great SEO team and the right process being implemented I’m pretty sure I’ll see some awesome results in the third or fourth month.

I’ve forced myself to outsource this because although it’s been on my mind for ages, I’ve just never had the time to start on it.

Yes, outsourcing isn’t cheap. I’m paying a decent amount per article and video and of course the SEO team but at the end of the day the project is moving forward and I’ve found in business, this is THE most important thing.

Time goes by very quickly and I always find myself in positions of thinking of how I should have started this or that project x years ago when I first thought about it.

I’ve committed to put a stop to this mentality. These days if I have an idea, I set aside a test budget, get a team together and set the plan in motion.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or want to see more of this stuff. I know my crowed isn’t big on Amazon niche sites so just threw this out there to test the waters. Usually I keep my side projects on the down low.

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Written by Mateen