$300 in Revenue from Instagram Shoutouts so Far- Finding Instagram Influencers and How it Works

Selling Products from Instagram Shoutouts isn’t as complicated as most people think.

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In fact it’s probably one of the simplest and cost effective ways to get your product out there to potentially millions of people.

An Example of an Instagram Shoutout For My Drop Shipping Business

I have done a shoutout before for one of my products. This is my second shoutout.


That’s a tonne of engagement! Over 200 comments and almost 200k views!

Not bad for a couple of hundred dollars spent.

The main question however is if this resulted in any sales?

I got 4 sales within the first hour!


But then sales started slowing down a bit and so far it’s been up for 6 hours and I’ve had 7 sales.


Revenue so far



One thing’s for sure, IG is awesome at driving traffic if you can put yourself in front of the right audience.

How Do you Find Instagram Influencers for Paid Marketing?

There’s nothing secretive or tricky about this.

The best way to find them is to find pages you’re interested in and contact them through the contact details they usually have available. Some have their email, some have their Kik, some tell them to contact message them through Instagram.

Simply go to Instagram and search the keyword of what you’d like to promote, for example, say we’re interested in doing a shoutout for a travel product, we’ll go over to Instagram and type in travel. you’ll get results like the below,


Let’s click on the first one.



Notice how it says DM for business? That means Direct Message. Simply message them and ask for their rates.

You can click on the small green arrow button to show suggested pages for even more influencers in your niche!


Keep repeating the same process and you’ll have a tonne of influencers and their prices in preferably a spreadsheet.

Some Instagram Influencers Contact Details are tricky. They won’t explicitly say anything about contacting them for business but rather just put a KiK ID or email address.

For example this page below doesn’t even say anything about contacting them but they just have an email at the end.


So I’d simply email them. Easy huh?

Most Influencers have a Kik ID. What’s Kik? it’s a chat/messenger app. Simply download it, add their ID and shoot them a message similar to,

‘Hello, I’m interested in a shoutout on your IG page, how much do you charge?’


How Much Does Instagram Influencer Shoutout Marketing Cost?

This number varies greatly.

I’ve had pages in the millions charge me just $50 whereas some smaller pages, just a couple hundred thousand, have charged me $200.

It depends on the niche and the engagement but is so variable that it’s worth just asking every niche page you come across!

Here’s a sample price list of some of the pages I’ve asked for shoutouts


Crazy isn’t it? The prices are all over the place.

The way I accumulated this Instagram Influencer list was to simply spend an hour or two finding pages and emailing/messaging them.

Each time they got back to me I put them in a spreadsheet. with the size, account name, account link, price and any other relevant details.

What Does an Instagram Shoutout Look Like?

Once your set to go, chosen your Instagram Influencer it’s time to send them the details of what your ad looks like.

The BEST performing Instagram ads for me have been videos. Most videos autoplay and do a great job of catching peoples attention.

The mechanics of an Instagram shoutout are,

Instagram Image/Video Ad

The Image or Video you’d like the Instagram Influencer to use. This could be a simple image or video of your product.  Sale or 50% off type text or signs might work but simple images/videos are good enough.


Shoutout Text Copy

People are conditioned to click on an account and check their bio. It’s an Instagram thing.

So all you really gotta do is get them to display your account under their bio. Something like the below ill do fine,



Best Instagram Shoutout Dates and Times

The most active times on Instagram are

  • in the mornings, (when people are just about to go to work)
  • Midday/lunch time
  • After work around 6pm

So you’d want your Instagram ad to appear just before any of these times. Ideally you’d like your Instagram shoutout Influencer to repost at these times as it will refresh in front of peoples newsfeed at their peak browsing times.

Extra Instagram Influencer Shoutout Bonuses

Along with the usual result of traffic and sales there are additional bonuses an Instagram Shoutout provides you with.

Free Instagram Page Likes/Followers

A good Instagram shoutout will boost your Instagram account size with an influx of followers.

If your page is related to the type of traffic you’re going to be bringing in from your influencer shoutout then you’ll notice a tonne of new followers.

Unlike FaceBook, Instagram Pages are actually worth growing due to their engagement restrictions not being as heavy as FaceBooks.

I have dedicated VA’s who work on adding content and growing my Instagram accounts. Hopefully they’ll get to a stage that they’ll be getting shoutouts! A nice side income.

In fact, I’ve seen people make a killer living on Instagram, (mid 6 figures), just from shoutouts! I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s people making millions.

Telling FaceBook to Collect this Data

If you’re a FaceBook marketer you can capture the traffic in your own custom audience!


And make a lookalike audience to market the product to that completely unravel a killer campaign!


This is AWESOME for any FaceBook marketer and is one of the biggest positive byproduct from this method.

Final Words of Instagram Influencer Shoutout Newbies

I’m only scratching the surface of Instagram Influencer Shoutout Marketing so will be testing this heavily in 2017.

With both shoutouts I’ve done so far I’ve made my money back and then some.

So not only is it a free way to grow your Instagram accounts by selling products but is also an awesome way to make a lot of money if you hit the right product!

If you’re new to the whole advertising game, start small. Go to some 50-100k pages and organise a shoutout. You should be able to get them to as low as $20 which is a great price to get your feet wet.

Go kill it.

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Written by Mateen