3 Years ago Teespring was killing it.

They were the biggest players in the field, first of it’s kind to build a platform that had an appealing model to BOTH affiliates and front end customers.

$10 profit margin for Tees was pretty new and they’re ‘limited edition’ style landing pages converted buyers visitors to buyers quite easily.

Back in the early days you could slap on a quirky quote with a silhouette of a Fire Engine and make 1,000’s of sales. Easy peasy.

Nowadays, 3 years later, ‘Teespring’ means a whole lot more. Different platforms, different products, different countries.

Custom Clocks, Pendants, kids Tees, bags, full print shoes, pillows, socks, and a whole lot more on a tonne of different platforms.

The following products are from ‘printful’

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.36.18 PM

If I made a blog post about ‘Teespring’ it usually meant just that.

Custom T-shirts, Hoodies, mugs, Caps, etc.

People that get into the whole Teespring model now, find out about it in some popular forum thread or blog and are crazy motivated with a bunch of different T shirt ideas.

If you’re getting into Teespring now, you must be prepared to explore this whole field of print on demand products. This means, it takes a lot more time to explore the whole ‘Teespring’ thing than it used to.

You’ll quickly find out that many niches have been hammered with Teespring shirts and you need to think outside the box to get sales.

If you want to get into Teespring it’s fine to start off with custom tees to practice your designing and targeting and hopefully make a profit along the way.

You also need to be able to give it the time it deserves.

This is a business that can bring you over $100k in a single month so you better believe it’s not going to be easy and will take more then just designing and launching a handful of campaigns.

Just like anything of value, Teespring/custom merchandise takes time to break into.

You have to let your experience guide you.

Aim on launching 100 campaigns. Seems like a lot? It is, but you HAVE to do a lot more than what your competition is doing.

Think of it this way. Out of 100 people, 60 will give up after 10 campaigns, 20 will give up after 30 campaigns, 10 will give up after 50 campaigns, 5 will give up after 100, which means not many make it past 100 campaigns.

You want to do MORE than your competition and every time you test a product on FaceBook or Drop Shipping you will Learn something.

Imagine how much you will learn after testing 100 or 300 or 500 campaigns?!

500 x $5 test = $2,500

Just one profitable teespring campaign can make you all that back and more.

Business is a LOT of effort. Don’t get into it and give it 30%. Give it 100% you will break through.

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Written by Mateen