I’ve been obsessed with 2 projects I’m currently working on so haven’t posted in a while.

One is an entrepreneur podcast you can check out over at ecommerce9.com.

I’ve done 15 interviews so far, edited and uploaded 3 and basically the goal of the podcast series to bring out the stories and strategies of people that have broken through the ecommerce game. (Teespring, DropShipping, Amazon FBA, Merch By Amazon, Instagram Shoutouts, etc).


ecommerce9 iTunes Link

So far we have,

The interviews should prove to be very insightful for anyone wanting to get into these industries.

We talk about background stories, how they got started, routines to break out of mental barriers, FaceBook ad strategies, product research strategies sometimes we even talk about the exact profitable campaigns!

Check out the podcast and subscribe so you get all future releases.

Also: Please give it a review so more people can find the podcast, (it helps the visibility).

Second Obsession – Amazon FBA Private Labelling

Why did I ignore this for so long!?

After interviewing 4 Amazon FBA sellers for the podcast, (they’ll be up soon), I started to get really interested in the model.

What is the Amazon FBA business model?

Basically when you’re buying something from Amazon, most of the time, you’re buying it from another seller who uses Amazon to ship, (fulfil), the product.

So the seller basically sends pallets of his product to Amazon, lists it on their store and Amazon ships it out to the customer when a sale is made.

But because Amazon is an absolute powerhouse of an online website with almost 200 million unique visits a MONTH!, it’s basically a big search engine for online shopping.

So as an Amazon FBA seller you can simple list a product up there and make a ton of sales even if you can get just a small piece of that niche.

Private Labelling isn’t as hard as it sounds, it’s really just slapping your logo on an already existing product or changing the look of the product by adding a small tweak.

Because Amazon is so big, people can use it as a launch pad. If your product takes off, you can be earning $10s of thousands of dollars a month.

I’ll be sharing some updates on my journey into Amazon FBA, I’ve already got 2 test products being shipped to me and am mega excited!

Anyway, more on this later.

Hope you guys enjoy the podcasts!



Written by Mateen