I had made dropshipping tutorial videos before but they’ve been exclusive for my ecomuniverse forum members.

Since the forum went through a complete redesign I lost all my previous video article pages and instead of just re-uploading the old ones I thought I’d make a brand new fresh set incorporating all the changes FB and other platforms have made. Watch this page for the rest of the videos.

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What I’ll be Covering

Setting Up Your Dropshipping Store, FaceBook Page & the Basics

From what shopify plan you should pick to how you should set up your store 100% ready to dropship, I’ll be going through the preliminaries enough so that you can start running traffic to your page.

It’s extensive but easy and there are some things you definitely need to set up correctly before you start driving sales.

Researching Currently Trending DropShipping Products

Research is where a lot of people go wrong. It’s important to know what I actually am referring to when I’m going through this set.

It’s not about finding a product that will give you a 100% success rate. There’s no such thing as that. It’s about keeping an eye on certain websites that give you indicators as to what’s hot right now. If you can get a good 5-10 ideas or products to test using these techniques every day, then you’ll be on your way to make good profit.

I’ve used eBay, Pinterest, FaceBook search, Wanelo, Wish, Thisiswhyimbroke, other Dropshipping Facebook pages and a lot more to inspire my own product launches.

Dropshipping Marketing, (FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube)

This tutorial set will predominantly focus on FaceBook as that’s the core traffic source that dropshippers are using. Although there has been a lot of buzz around Instagram and Youtube, so I’ll be touching upon that too.

Good FaceBook marketing is a combination of selecting the right audience to see your product and selecting products that are buy worth. You can’t sell white pillows on FaceBook but you can sell millions of dollars worth of fidget spinners. See the difference?

Once you learn the core elements of FaceBook marketing, you can apply it to do a lot more than selling products. I’ve used the same techniques to generate an email list of 25,000+ emails for one of my buyer niche!

Maximising Profit – Scaling Beyond just your First Campaign


Found a profitable campaign? It’s time to scale baby!

There’s a right and wrong way to do it. It’s not as simple as bumping your budget up to $1,000/day. It’s a combination of knowing your audience and making lookalike audiences to reach more people on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube.

This is more advanced but I hope you all get here.

Dropshipper Mindset – Thinking Right is BIG

I’ve also realised people get stuck with certain fallacies in their mind. The wrong attitude can also cost you big time. For example, if you’re spending hours and hours trying to select the right domain name, you’ve got it all wrong.

Get a domain name, set up a simple FB page, and start testing profusely.

Selling is the name of the game and the more selling you’re doing, the more money you will make. It’s as simple as that.


These Free Dropshipping Tutorial Videos should be a good addition to your learnings. They are everything and more people have used including myself to generate 6-7 figures. I’ve left nothing out.

Once you are somewhat confident to start testing, get straight in it. There still ample opportunity with dropshipping. People are still having 7 figure months. Yes, that’s 7 figure MONTHS.

If I’ve left anything out or you want to contribute/share your own set of training videos on my blog or readers get in touch with me on my contact page.

Good luck!

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Written by Mateen