Dropshipping is a word you don’t come across often so let me explain what it is in this article and further explain what the current model of FaceBook and Shopify Dropshipping actually entails.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is made up of two main parties.

The seller: Usually owns a store and displays products that can be bought just like any other store. The customer or visitor cannot tell the store is a dropshipper as the front is the same.

The supplier/manufacturer: Fulfils the order. When the seller gets an order, he/she will contact the supplier, pay for the cost of the goods and give the customers address. The supplier will go ahead and ship the product to the customers address, completing the full process of the order.

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What is FaceBook/Shopify Dropshipping?

Nowadays with FaceBook and Instagram becoming popular visual advertising platforms, it’s becoming easier to sell products that have some sort of ‘cool’ factor to them.

Combine this with a supplier that can supply almost any product you can think of. Aliexpress.com.

Now you have the parts to a system that when put together can be insanely profitable!

The model commonly utilised is this,

Run FaceBook/Instagram traffic to different products on a general Shopify store and continuously monitor the ROI. If it’s negative, change product, if it’s positive, scale.

The Main Components

General Shopify Store: Allows you to add products and run FaceBook traffic to them to see if they sell. I say ‘general’ because it’s better practice to start this way. You don’t want to restrict yourself to a certain niche when another niche is killing it.

Better to niche down once you’ve found that killer product.

FaceBook Advertising Account: Although there are other channels you can advertise on like Instagram. FaceBook is one of the most popular and one you should work on mastering. They’re ability to be very selective of who you want to display your product to is second to none.

Good marketing is about choosing a product that is catchy, cool and generally just awesome and showing it to the EXACT demographic that is nuts about it.

For example, selling iphone 6 husky phone covers to husky rescue groups members that own an iPhone 6. Get the idea?

This is much better than selling general dog phone covers to people that like ‘dogs’. It’s too broad and doesn’t have that targeted appeal.

Community to Ask Questions:

This is optional but skyrocketed my learning when I was new. You want to be part of a community you can ask questions to. AND you want to utilise it for everything it’s worth. Ask any and EVERY question you can. Get opinions from people that have been there done that.

Especially at the start of your journey, you will be doing many things wrong. You want to iron out these kinks as soon as possible.

There are some really good FaceBook groups and ofcourse the ecomuniverse.com forum.

Kingpinning is a great FaceBook group to join.


It’s much safer to attempt this business with a healthy budget. $1,000 – $3,000 is great starting money and you should be able to find a profitable campaign by this time.

The last thing I want is for people to be attempting this business with their last $100. It’s too big of a learning curve and most likely won’t happen.

It’s also a good approach if you set aside $x amount of money per month or per day to go towards your testing.

Consistency is key with everything. The marketer that sticks to this for months, spending $500/m will go further than the one that blows $1,000 in a week.


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Written by Mateen