In this post/video I wanted to go through what you’ll need to do to get your Shopify store 100% ready for Dropshipping so you can start pushing traffic and making sales!

A lot of people get stuck at making the design perfect but that’s of little importance here. I want to go through a few other elements that customers need to make a purchase.

First, I’ll touch Upon Design

Due to the simple layout of Shopify, most themes are quite similar. Once you start adding products and a few collections, it will start taking shape all on its own.

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Pages like Shipping policy and Privacy policy are great to legitimise your store. It’s also necessary if you’re going to be running any Google traffic or hoping on ranking.

Go to any dropshipping or normal store that you know and look at their template. Most of them are pretty similar. You can simply copy and paste the bits you like and modify them to suit your store. But make sure you have them so customers know how long it takes to get the products, etc.

The Best Tracking App for Dropshippers

This one was important for me and will most likely be for you too. It takes a ton of time handling emails when people are asking the basic questions of ‘where’s my order’. You’ll get this a lot. I found it’s easier to just email them back with their tracking number and a link to the tracking page so they can check themselves.

It also shows that they can track in real time and any doubters will usually stop complaining when you send them this link.

Front Layout/Homepage

I like my store showing products almost straight away. I want to make it very clear that this is a store and these are the products and collections you can browse. Not many people land on the home page anyway and will be mostly sent to a specific product page.

So again, don’t spend that much time on this. I like having some popular euro flags or just a header saying international shipping so people from foreign countries know. Sometimes I’ll do influencer shoutouts and I’d get customers from all across the globe.

The product Page is the same almost throughout all Shopify themes. Apart from the color, button and text, not much changes. That’s why I say almost any shopify theme will do because the product page is mostly the ‘landing page’ and this is what you want to make sure is written out right.

I have a few points on my description, a sales count and review app set up to make the store look good and trusted. I incentivise people to leave a review which will further my sales.


There’s not much else to say here, don’t take weeks making sure the store looks perfect. I try and spend my time on activities that affect my sales the most and I’ve learned the store layout isn’t really a big deal but it’s still important just to have the mentioned basics in play.

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Written by Mateen