To start your Shopify & FaceBook journey, there’s a few accounts on websites and general things you need to set up. I’m going to go through them below so you know exactly what Dropshipping entails and what you need to get started in dropshipping.

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A Dropshipping FaceBook Page

Now, a FaceBook page is mandatory to run Newsfeed ads on FaceBook. What are newsfeed ads? Any ‘sponsored’ post you see on your newsfeed. You’ll notice they’re all connected to an FB page.

My guess is, FaceBook make it mandatory so along with you advertising your business, you will naturally connect people to Facebooks assets, (a FaceBook page).

Don’t get too caught up in setting this up perfectly. I’ve gone through why a general store is important, (so you can launch any type of product you want instead of being locked to a specific niche), so just a general facebook page like the one below will do.

Example FaceBook Page for Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Plan and Website

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Obviously we need to set up our store. For this, I recommend Shopify, it’s just easy to manage and most people in the Shopify community use it. Many Dropshippers use Shopify as their platform of choice.

Shopify also has a healthy community of app developers so you can almost always find the right custom plugin for your store.

Get started with the Basic Shopify plan, install a free theme and start adding products.

Again, you don’t need to make this look all fancy. I’ve sold products from very mediocre looking online stores before. At the end of the day, if people love the products, they’ll buy it. It’s as simple as that.

Also, most people will be landing on your products pages anyway which are pretty much the same throughout all shopify themes. Not many will visit your homepage believe it or not. Think of all the articles you’ve seen on your newsfeed, clicked into and read. Did you click on the homepage and start browsing? Probably not right?

Paypal Account

Self explanatory. Paypal is commonly used and recognised throughout most of the western world. There are some countries that don’t accept it thought and for that we’re going to use a credit card processor but make sure you have Paypal.

I almost never pay anything online unless I can use Paypal. They have insurance on transactions and people just feel safer using it.

If you’re going to do high volume it’s probably best to set up a business account and use legitimate information. Don’t fake this part because at some point they’ll email you and want verification. And if you can’t verify your account it’ll be an issue.


Stripe or any other Credit Card Payment Gateway 

Almost all online stores have credit card processors meaning a method on their site to pay with credit cards. For dropshippers, it’s no difference. Credit card payment gateways for dropshippers is an interesting topic.

Some allow dropshippers, some don’t. I’ve been using ‘Stripe’ all this time and I’ve been fine.

Stripe is for all other people that can’t or just don’t want to use paypal. Like I’ve mentioned, I use paypal almost always. I can’t imagine why people would stick to credit card.

I hate typing my credit card details online and always feel like it might get stolen. Maybe it’s just a mental thing but whatever it is, there are plenty of credit card users.

Make sure you have Stripe set up. They’re a credit card payment gateway. What that means is they’ll process any payments that come from credit cards. They’ll hold on to the money till it clears and then deposit it into a bank account of your choice.

Aliexpress Account or any Supplier Account

Most people use Aliexpress to fulfil products on their dropshipping store. It works great and most people have not had issues apart from the long delivery times. If not Aliexpress, there’s a few others you can use. You can even just use Amazon or eBay.

Making an Aliexpress account isn’t hard and purchasing something for your customer using it is very easy.

Community Connection

I strongly recommend joining a community so you can share your progress and learn from others. Ofcourse there’s our very own ‘Ecommerce Underground’ FaceBook Group where people ask questions and share their experiences.


It might take you a while to set these up properly but they only need to be done once. Just get them out of the way so you can start launching a ton of FaceBook dropshipping campaigns.

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Written by Mateen