General dropshipping shopify Store or Niche dropshipping shopify store, which one should you pick?

Almost everyone wants to start with a niche store at the start and I totally get it! You have an idea of an amazing store in mind and want to build this store you’ll be proud to run. But very quickly you’ll find out that it’s not about what you think, it’s about what your customers or audience thinks.

You can show everyone in that audience 100 different niche products but some niches just don’t sell.

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I’ll give you an example.

I once made a store for people that love fish, (aquarists). And I sold a good amount of Tees to them but after a while it died out. Maybe 1 or 2 other products kicked off but nothing else.

Whereas the Dragon Ball Z niche has been selling consistently for people for years! I’ve seen Tees, canvases, hoodies, caps, posters, mugs, toys, figurines sell like crazy for the last 3-4 years.

Easily over 100,000 products have been sold through just dropshippers and Teespringers in that niche alone.

If you’re stuck selling fish products like I was you’ll be missing out on the potential of other niches wouldn’t you?

That’s what I’ve realised and very quickly switched to a general store with a simple shopify theme and have been using it as a base to launch other stores and brands of.

That’s the beauty of a general store.

You can use it as a launch pad.

If i shirt that says ‘I love cows’ sells than you can open a dedicated store with a ton of cow related custom merchandise. You can sell box offers and subscription offers and turn it into its own brand! But doing it the other way around is tough.

A lot people start with trying to push a product in the market because they think it’s good. They fail to realise that what they perceive is good and what the majority of others do is totally different and may not be profitable to run on FaceBook.

I definitely recommend starting with a general store like grabfrenzy.

Sure, you don’t have to stick with it and can always branch off. Don’t think people will not buy from your store because it just sells a ton of random products.

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, they all do fine.

Once people fall in love with the product, almost nothing can stop them making that process.

A niche store is only good once that niche has been proven and you’re able to profitably run products to it. Imagine you launch 10 products on your general store.

1 takes of and you sell 5 units after just $5 spend.

You make a new store, duplicate the ad set and deck out the store as a brand selling that same product.

You now have a brand new store that you’ve proved works because of your general store and can run email collection apps and start adding niche related products and building a proper business.

Moral of the story, the smart ones start with General stores then switch to Niche stores based on successful campaigns.

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Written by Mateen