eBay was my first love with ecommerce. I’d frequently browse around, see what’s for sale and try find something in my local stores that might I might be able to make a small profit off.

It’s become a powerhouse for selling products with millions of buyers using the platform. The cool thing is you can search through eBay on any niche or product type you want.

A big mistake people do is just do a search and look at the search results to find products that are appearing often. But this is definitely not the best way to do it.

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Buying a product and simply browsing is two different things so I make sure to check the ‘sold listings’ button so I can see the products that have actually sold.

For example, if I search fidget spinner, I’ll get the below results.

I can then see what fidget spinners are selling more often than the others, the price they’re selling for and other vital information. If there’s a particular spinner that people are buying like crazy then it’s a good product to test on FaceBook!

eBay and FaceBook have completely different dynamics though and you need to be aware of this.

eBay is a platform that people search to find the product they want. FaceBook is a platform you’re using to interrupt someones browsing experience and show them a product you want them to pull out their credit card and buy.

It’s a big ask and is definitely not easy.

Just a side note from all this, did you know people dropship ON eBay?

For a long time I was doing this but gave it up when it just drained too much of my time.

People simply list a product they found on target.com or any other online retailer on eBay, (even if they don’t actually have it), and once it sells can simply visit target, purchase the product and ship it straight to the customer!

How cool is that? I know people doing $100’s of thousands a month just doing this and although it’s old school people still make a killing doing it

I would sometimes add a $100 markup on some products and they’d still sell!

People like going to eBay to buy things. They find it more convenient than going to the shops and don’t mind paying extra.

eBay is and will always be an interesting place to research ecommerce trends. It’s definitely a great place to search through and see if there’s anything hot that’s selling real well so you can test it on FaceBook.

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Written by Mateen