Facebook search is one of my most favorite places to research for dropshipping products.

Why? Because it basically tells us exactly what product is being sold or promoted and in which country. The targeting is not necessary as with good targeting practice you’ll be able to sell the same product pretty easily to different markets.

Facebook gives us the capability to search through their platform for posts, (sponsored or not), that have been shared around and have specific key words in it.

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Certain keywords like,

  • just pay shipping
  • Buy here
  • Click link
  • Get it here
  • Sale now on

are commonly used within the advertisement copy so when you search for them, guess what pops up? A ton of promoted drop shipping campaigns 😉

Simply click on the search bar, type something like “buy here”, (including the quotation marks” and let it search through the FB database.

You can then select 2017 and viola! It’ll show you all the posts that currently are being shared around the internet with these specific words in them!

You might find a certain product being shared like crazy. These are hot and are selling really well right now.

It’s always a good practice to do these searches at least once a day so you can keep up with trends and products that are selling like wildfire.

For example, I saw fidget spinners selling on FaceBook a long time before they were world wide famous.

If I was smart I would have done a ton of Instagram influencer marketing but for me it fell into the ‘general category’ and I felt it too broad to try and sell.

Expansion Possibilities are HUGE

If you find  a product doing well on FaceBook search it’s already a proven success model. What a lot of people do wrong is they find the same product, set it up on their own store and start running it in the same countries as the initial campaign.

Why would that work?

You’re showing the audience that has already decided to purchase it or not, the same product. Remember, you’re paying for traffic so even if the initial campaign missed some buyers, it will be too expensive for you to find them.

Better practice is to split test other images and countries.

Found a campaigns selling like crazy in US? Test the same product in UK, Aus, NZ, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil.


Even if one takes off you can make $1,000s in profit and since FaceBook has already showed you that the audiences targeted love the product, you have a great chance.

Even if you’re breaking even you can simply make a lookalike audience and market it to U.S!

These are small tricks you will learn along the way.

FaceBook searching should be an integral part of your research. In fact I’d go so far to say that it should be your main method of finding relevant products.

You can also take products you’ve found on FaceBook, type them into Aliexpress and go through the ‘customers also bought section’.

I’ve found some really cool products this way.

This is better than just firing up Aliexpress and browsing around trying to find something cool.

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Written by Mateen